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Robert Lindsay, Market & Competitor Analyst Graduate, Thales

Robert Lindsay

Market & Competitor Analyst Graduate

I applied for the Strategy and Marketing Graduate Scheme as my long term career aspirations are within the foreign policy, defence and security sectors and Thales gives me an excellent opportunity to gain large amounts of relevant experience and knowledge within these areas.

My role within the company revolves around the collection, analysis and dissemination of accurate business and strategic intelligence. I monitor breaking news stories in defence and ensure the impact of these stories is understood and communicated to the relevant stakeholders throughout Thales UK. My team also provides in-depth analysis and assessment for all of Thales UK’s major prospects, providing our internal customers with a nuanced picture of the developing market and competitor landscape.

Due to my scheme’s structure, I predominantly stay in the Strategy and Marketing function. I have the opportunity to rotate around various Thales UK sites and also to experience other different areas of the business. Additionally, as part of my analyst role I have received training in a number of market analysis and business winning practices.

Some professional highlights so far have included organising and running a significant competitor review for Thales SIX (Secure Information and Communication Systems) thereby providing valuable insight into one of their key future bids. Additionally, I constructed a market study on the present and future of the Land Autonomy market for LAS (Land and Air Systems), which allowed me to present my work to senior stakeholders within the LAS business line. My personal highlights would be socialising with my fellow graduates on training and induction week; we are a tight knit cohort that is very supportive of each other.

I enjoy working for Thales as it allows me to be in a company at the forefront of the defence market, a rapidly changing environment that I find fascinating. Additionally, Thales’s flexible working arrangements allow me to have a healthy work-life balance, facilitating a successful start to my career whilst also allowing me to continue with hobbies outside work.