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My name is Henry Chadwick and I'm currently employed as a Graduate Development Manager for St William. I graduated with an Economics degree from Durham University in June 2015, prior to which I studied A-levels in maths, physics, economics, and geography.

I developed an interest in the built environment throughout sixth form - I was attracted to the opportunity to affect something that was tangible and central to everyday lives. Before my full-time employment at Berkeley, I completed work experience placements with both St James and St William. I was extremely grateful for the time my colleagues had taken to plan the placements, welcome me into the team, and explain and appraise the different aspects of the job. I was encouraged by how much investment was placed in me as a prospective employee.

Similarly, I am continually impressed by the level of times dedicated by senior colleagues to analysing my work and advising me on improvements. This is fundamental to my development within the company and something I am incredibly grateful for.

I would describe my role as that of a trainee land buyer and property developer, in which I receive hands-on experience of submitting bids for potential development sites. A typical day would involve working on a particular project or piece of work either collaboratively or individually, and there is often a small task to be completed that's delegated from a colleague in the Land team or from another department.

Within the Land department I learnt to collaborate the information of each of the Technical, Commercial, Development, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service departments to form a detailed land appraisal. I will also collate the information from a number of consultants conducting the necessary work to assist the acquisition process. This exposure to a wide range of work, and the requirement to understand the relevant technical language and processes, provides a thorough and widespread background from which to develop my career.

Having started at St William I have been very impressed with the level of attention placed upon evaluating and improving my work despite my inexperience. This is something I will consider very closely in any future employment and throughout my life.