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The Openwork Partnership

The Openwork Partnership

Employee profile

Victoria Hurel

Adoption Consultant (Canary Wharf. London)

“I’m enjoying talking to the firms and helping them adopt this new technology. The idea of working with the network really appealed to me. That along with the professional development I’ve received and the personal support, I’ve felt that the business has really invested in the graduate scheme both as a concept and for us an individual. 

That’s not to say it’s not incredibly hard work and the first three months were intense. Not only were we learning about the new system, and I had personally never seen anything like it before, but also understanding the wider business and industry. This in turn has made me think about my career path and professional development.

My advice to any graduates following us into the scheme would be don’t think narrowly, there are a whole range of opportunities and if you embrace them it will open up your horizons. Use the OpenLearningZone which is fantastic and make the most of your time here, everyone is willing to help and support you.”