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"There's a good expenses policy for when you're travelling and the possibility to do long term assignments in other offices and regions. We also get a personal development budget of £1,000 a year with two training days to be used for conferences etc."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"Our office provides an annual personal development budget for us, which we can use for a variety of things from tech conferences to personal coaching. We also have private health insurance (which is amazing). A smaller perk is that most events, including our weekly Friday lunch discussion, are catered for so there is always quality food up for grabs!"
Graduate, London, UK
"The quality of the pension and the budget for personal development are great."
Graduate, London
"The perks provided by ThoughtWorks have clearly been chosen to support the physical and mental health of ThoughtWorkers, which makes me feel valued and cared for. The perk I found most interesting is the provision of an independent financial adviser to help you manage your money."
Graduate, London
"We get £1,000 and two days off for self development every year as well as tons of snacks and cakes. There's also a sponsor/mentor system where the two of you get together once every month and get a free meal."
Graduate, London


"£1,000 and two days a year to spend on your own development (conferences, books, meditation – pretty much anything you personally believe will make you a better employee). The cash-back plan is great and has greatly reduce my costs for contact lenses, physio etc."
Graduate, London
"The development budget is a great perk and you also get free lunches for events."
Experienced, London
"Health care plan, professional development budget, lots of free lunches with 'lunch and learn'."
Graduate, London
"Perks involve away days and family days in theme parks. Another thing I would consider a perk is making global friends at ThoughtWorks University."
Graduate, London
"I found the private medical insurance really handy. You are able to speak with your GP when you are abroad as well."
Graduate, London
"Large annual budget to spend as you choose on personal development (books, conferences etc)."
Graduate, London


"There is a regular free 'sponsor' dinner to allow you to catch up on your progress. This is in addition to a pension scheme and private healthcare."
Graduate Consultant, London
"We have a good pension scheme, travel and life insurance. We are also given £1000 and two extra days to take at work for personal development, and we are provided with a lot of free snacks, lunches/dinners and even drinks. When we are on projects away from home we have travel/meal costs and accommodation paid."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"Perks at the firm include a pension contribution of 6%, worldwide health insurance, travel insurance and a critical illness policy."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"Perks include: a pension contribution, medical insurance, life insurance and a personal development budget. There are occasional free dinners and gym discounts too. Work related expenses are also reimbursed."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"We have a personal development budget which can be spent on anything to help to improve our working capacity. This is a great opportunity to visit conferences, buy books or attend courses that might otherwise be written off!"
Developer, London
"There are a variety of perks available at ThoughtWorks: free snacks and drinks, even when we are working away; the ability to work abroad for both a short time and long term; Friday pub trips and talks and free lunches in the office. We often host technology events and get discounts for conferences too."
Software Developer, London
"Every year the company has an away day, where everyone from every office in each region: Europe, North America and India, comes together for the weekend. At our last one, we got a hotel facing the Thames and the time before we were all put up in Center Parcs!"
Developer, London
"In terms of perks the firm offers a pension, healthcare, paternity leave, childcare vouchers and a cycle to work scheme."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester


"A free financial advice service is a great perk!"
Graduate, London
"The learning budgets for courses and books are great, in addition to regular paid for social events, bar tabs and dinners/lunches."
Entry level, Manchester
"The best perks are the training budget (£1000 per year plus two days to take for training), the moving expenses, and good health care/insurance, etc."
Graduate, London
"For me, the perks are the free drinks, free snacks, a £1000 a year training budget, and two days off a year for training, travel insurance and life insurance, and a good pension scheme."
Graduate, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks offer a great personal development budget - you get a reasonably large budget for any learning you want to do - books, screen casts, courses, etc. When you're on a project away from home, you'll also get a lot of hotel stays and aeroplane tickets."
Midlevel, London
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