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"The constant challenge. Nothing in the past year has been trivial."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"My colleagues, the community, the focus on my future and career development and getting to work with exciting new technologies."
Graduate, London, UK
"Having colleagues from all over the world makes it a very diverse and tolerant culture. The graduate training in India was great and there's a lot of effort invested into continuous development and growth. I love the amount of support and amazing people."
Graduate, London
"ThoughtWorks is very open to feedback at every level. The flat management hierarchy and the friendly and passionate people TW employs makes me feel like I have a real opportunity to significantly influence the way we work for the better."
Graduate, London
"It's a great learning experience and you get great support from your colleagues. There are opportunities to work on different projects in a variety of locations with like-minded colleagues."
Graduate, London
"The fact that we are trusted by managers and therefore not micro-managed."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!


"The organisation structure is incredibly flat. This means loads and loads of opportunities for entrepreneurship as well as for putting your ideas forward. There is no set path to take within the company, which means that everyone can find their own way. I really like this as the company doesn't create obvious stereotypes."
Graduate, London
"Challenging work and constant learning. Good personal development benefits. Interesting after-hours events and talks. I like working for a transparent employer that's strongly supporting social and economic justice causes."
Graduate, London
"They care about professional development. We have six weeks of training in India and a yearly professional development budget. There are also great colleagues who are passionate about what they do and provide ongoing mentorship."
Graduate, London
"They're keen on growing their employees' personal development and give great exposure to projects around a variety of industries."
Entry level, London
"You can get help and support from all colleagues. When I meet new people at the company, they always ask how I'm settling in and offer help and advice if needed. There's a general 'contact me for anything you need' from all staff at all levels."
Graduate, London
"The people! Working at ThoughtWorks is amazing. You get to know people from all over the world and my workmates are really inclusive and awesome."
Graduate, London
"Getting to work with industry leaders so early in my career."
Graduate, London


"The diversity in work, people and experiences is definitely a plus."
Business Analyst, London
"I work with very smart and skilled people, and I get the chance to experiment with new technologies."
Developer, Manchester
"The great people, diverse working environment and experiences are a real perk."
Developer, London
"The people are a plus as we are passionately advocating social and economic justice."
Developer, London
"Travelling all over the world with amazing people to work on different projects using a range of technologies is a plus."
Software Developer, London
"There are genuinely nice people here, who are smart and open-minded."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester


"The company has an excellent training programme with very good people!"
Graduate, London
"The company has great people, very good learning opportunities with creative and organisational freedom."
Midlevel, London
"TWU, a training programme where all the recent grads go to India and learn a massive amount about all sorts of things is a plus for me."
Graduate, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks give you the freedom to take control of my your career direction and learning."
Graduate, Manchester
"Amazing passionate people, great atmosphere, interesting projects, ThoughtWorks University, diverse workmates, and a company that are always aiming for excellence are a real bonus!"
Entry level, Manchester
"You are given the freedom to self-teach and be placed on projects that have real value."
Graduate, London
"Working with clever, brilliant people and constantly learning from each other and challenging ourselves."
Entry level, Manchester
"Pluses include: working with very clever, interesting people; the community is great, you are given the opportunity to constantly learn and improve yourself and the social and economic justice drive is inspiring."
Entry level, Manchester
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