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"I met them at a TargetJobs Event in my first year of university and fell in love with the company. I kept in contact with the graduate recruiter for two years and then applied as I was getting ready to complete university."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"I was impressed by ThoughtWorks' attitude towards social responsibility. It didn't feel like the simple PR exercise that others did."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"The investment my company makes in encouraging and bringing women into the tech industry."
Graduate, London, UK
"The culture and people from the company that I met during the many events that ThoughtWorks runs."
Graduate, London
"I felt like my values and the values of ThoughtWorks were very well aligned. I liked their three-pillar principals of economic viability, code craftsmanship and promoting social and economic justice through technology. The company's reputation and the reputation of many prominent ThoughtWorkers was also an enormous draw and I felt immediately at home from my first visit to the offices. I wanted to get as much practical experience as possible and felt that a consultancy with TW's attitude towards learning and growth would be the best place for me to gain this. I also just really liked all the people I met that work here and I still do."
Graduate, London
"They are one of the top software consultancies."
Graduate, London
"They were giving a scholarship to get more women into tech, I was a recipient loved the company."
Graduate, London


"The company is private and answers to no one. This enables us to spend our money on trying to make as much difference in the world as possible instead of paying it out to stock-holders who are just interested in us because we earn money. This means we can try and do a lot of cool things like revolutionising healthcare in India/Bangladesh and decentralising the power on the internet."
Graduate, London
"Learning and development opportunities."
Experienced, London
"The supportive and extensive graduate training programme and induction. Technical excellence in the field and constant critiquing of techniques, technologies and trends. Above all, the emphasis on projects supporting social and economic justice issues."
Graduate, London
"The reputation and training."
Graduate, London
"ThoughtWorks hosts and supports a lot of the 'women in tech' groups that I am connected to so our passions align. The people I met were the type of people I wanted to work with."
Graduate, London
"ThoughtWorkers! Seeing how they enjoy their job and the global and social experience that comes with being a TWer."
Graduate, London
"I wanted to work somewhere that was shaping the future of how technology is built. I wanted to be very sure that I was applying to organisations that I had a strong cultural fit with."
Graduate, London


"ThoughtWorks' three-pillar policy convinced me to apply here."
Graduate Consultant, London
"In fact I applied for my role through TARGETjobs. As soon as I saw the company's profile here, and then ThoughtWorks' page itself, I felt that the company has something unique: their employees, how they want to deliver excellent software and at the same time strive for social and economic justice. The training programme for graduates was another good reason why I applied here."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"The culture at the company, social and economic awareness, raising the bar in software development and delivery, and the opportunities for learning and development all convinced me to apply here."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"To me ThoughtWorks seemed like a company that really cared about its employees, and the people they hired, and they didn't just seem interested in getting the people with the best academic record."
Business Analyst, London
"During my face-to-face interview I got to meet about nine people with different roles at the company. They were all friendly, and very passionate about what they were doing. This seemed like a place where I could learn a lot."
Developer, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks' commitment to social and economic justice combined with its leading position within the software industry made it an easy and obvious choice for me."
Consultant, Manchester
"I applied here because I was fascinated by ThoughtWorks' ethos. It was unlike that of any other company I had worked for before, and I was keen to learn from great developers, which ThoughtWorks has in abundance. I also wanted to be in a job/role where there was room to grow, and the nature of the work was not static."
Developer, London
"The company seemed exciting, and the work looked challenging and interesting. I liked the fact that you would never be stuck doing one thing and would get the opportunity to try new things."
Software Developer, London
"ThoughtWorks sponsored Hack Manchester and had a team - I took one look at the way they worked and I wanted to be part of it."
Developer, London
"I read an article by someone who works at the firm and found it very interesting. I then researched the work that the person did and where he worked, and I felt this was a fantastic place to start my career."
Quality Analyst, London
"The company's good reputation with agile practices convinced me to apply here."
Consultant Developer, London
"The company culture, accompanied by their excellence in technology and social and economic awareness, convinced me to apply here."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester
"I was convinced to apply here by the calibre of the employees and the company culture."
Business Analyst, London


"ThoughtWorks has a reputation for hiring intelligent and passionate people and career changers, and it has very strong values."
Graduate, London
"I was attracted to the culture, the people, and the domain; but mostly to the opportunity that they gave me to change my life for the better."
Entry level, Manchester
"I was drawn to the company's emphasis on social and economic justice, and their reputation for excellence in software development/engineering."
Graduate, London
"It's a great place to learn early in your career!"
Midlevel, London
"As I have a background and active interest in volunteering, giving back to the community, ThoughtWorks' Social and Economic Justice struck home for me. Finding a place where I can grow technically as a developer and also being encouraged and appreciated for my interest in social change seemed like the perfect place to be. Over one year here and it's everything I was expecting and much more!"
Entry level, Manchester
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