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8.9 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"I think I could progress in ThoughtWorks with a deliberate and driven approach, though I expect there may be less guidance than in more traditional companies. The expectations for each grade are set out clearly and you can work on them in order to progress."
Entry level, Manchester
"There is an open document in the company's folder that outlines the types of attributes that each role requires and what is necessary for an employee to receive a promotion. In general, there is a big scope for moving up grades at my company, which is illustrated by the long length of time that some employees have stayed with the company after rising from the graduate level."
Graduate, London
"You work with your cultivator and sponsor to get yourself promoted to a different grade or to get a pay review. This is very clear from the start and the company is very hot on making this as transparent as possible from the beginning."
Graduate, London


"You ask and give reasons for why you think you're ready/why you want to move up and, if they agree with your reasoning then voila. If they don't, it's usually for a good reason and you can just broach the subject again in the next review cycle when you have more experience/understanding."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"There's no real pathway within ThoughtWorks as you get to set your own goals. That includes moving laterally into other roles as well as up in grade. However, you have to make the case for your progression, which can be a difficult adjustment."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"It is very easy to transition from a graduate consultant to consultant, especially if you are enthusiastic about working with lots of different people and teams and embrace the feedback culture here."
Graduate, London, UK
"People really care about you growing as a person so, if you have the right attitude and aptitude as well as passion and interest in growing, the sky is your limit."
Graduate, London
"I have not been here long enough to experience this first-hand yet. We have an annual review cycle that allows you to present yourself and your achievements, give and receive feedback and talk about progression. There is a movement away from focusing on job titles and instead towards focusing on abilities. However, if you are looking to move between project roles, you can provide feedback from your client and team to as evidence of your good performing. A title change can then be agreed or goals set to help you move towards the role you want."
Graduate, London


"You move up more on skill than merit, which makes it possible to move up the ranks quite quickly. ThoughtWorks is also a very international company where people can shuffle around the world easily. This enables you a lot more scope than one country or a local office."
Graduate, London
"There's an annual review in which you present what you have achieved over the past year. Ranks are being phased out. However, it is easy to take on extra responsibilities, take new initiatives within the organisation and be supported by the company in running with them."
Graduate, London
"ThoughtWorks have the added bonus of moving sideways (from technical to business or business to operations etc) without moving down. You need to put in the work, but it is clearly recognised."
Graduate, London
"There aren't really 'ranks', and the shape of people's careers varies enormously depending on how they choose to focus. Exactly how progression works in any one case is not clear, but I have felt supported to take each step and challenged to take more and more responsibility."
Graduate, London


"I would argue that ThoughtWorks is a meritocracy and rewards people who take initiative."
Business Analyst, London
"I feel that good work and active positioning in the company will always be seen and rewarded with promotion."
Graduate Consultant, London
"As a flat organisation we don't really have 'ranks', but we have 'grades', which are based on levels of experience and capabilities. To me, there seems to be a fair match up of skills, experience, ability, and grade/pay."
Business Analyst, London
"It is not an entirely clear path to move up the ranks, but it is quite easy to take on more responsibility, which opens up the path to move up in ranks."
Graduate Software Developer, London


"You have all the freedom to progress in the company. You move up through grade levels, where the responsibility to train and help others is key. ThoughtWorks reward you with acknowledgement for the grade you are indeed working at."
Entry level, Manchester
"Every year there is the option to have a one-on-one review with someone from management about your year. You ask for what you want out of your review such as a grade increase and salary increase, and justify it with feedback you've picked up along the year. The system is very open and you get a follow up session after all the decisions have been made."
Graduate, Manchester
"Due to flat corporate structure there is less emphasis on ranks than anywhere else. Most of the time, people don't get dismissed because they are lower on the career ladder and get taken seriously even as grads/non-seniors. Getting actual promotions may require getting your voice heard, or at least that's what I've heard."
Midlevel, London
"There are no promotions to new positions that I'm aware of as such, simply a grading system (e.g. consultant, senior consultant, lead consultant) to reflect experience and expertise. The salary range is matched accordingly."
Midlevel, Manchester
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