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(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"TW is a flat business, so the concept of hierarchy doesn't really exist here. We don't have line managers and, when we aren't on projects, we have the opportunity to decide what we want to focus on and study. The office hosts many events and we have the opportunity to get involved with those and engage the tech community in Manchester and London. We work as pairs when it comes to developing so you are constantly having to communicate and be a team player in helping deliver value for our clients. TW has a very active social life with lots of events happening regularly, including three internal conferences a year."
Graduate, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks host a lot of community events, both social and educational, which is great. Most of the people I have met are respectful and forward-thinking and want to improve the world in some way. The company follows a generally flat hierarchy. You don't have a line manager in the traditional sense and have a lot of autonomy to approach things in your own way and take on new challenges. This means that your development is largely self-driven, you will need to put the work in to progress and find new opportunities."
Entry level, Manchester
"It is a culture of respect, openness and kindness, which I enjoy working in. There isn't a hero culture, just a mutual understanding and respect for each other and what we do when we work in teams."
Graduate, London
"There is a great culture. Everyone is very open and non-judgemental of others. There's a flat hierarchy that is great for keeping things moving and giving shared responsibility. This can sometimes cause disorganisation, however."
Graduate, London
"It's very sociable here. There are lots of activities going on after work and no real hierarchy."
Entry level, London/Hamburg/Glasgow


"ThoughtWorks' way of working is intrinsically very social and cooperative. There are plenty of opportunities to continue this after work, too, at a bar or events. While experience is recognised through grades, the company is very flat and there's little in the way of barriers to the more senior staff."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"Our culture is inclusive, illuminating and unparalleled. Our office remains a place where we can really be ourselves and discuss issues that are not only personal but would otherwise be controversial elsewhere (ie social justice, human rights, gender and sexual politics etc). Even when you're not on a project, teamwork is still encouraged and it isn't uncommon for everyone from every department and level to help in operations work or on delivering an event. Our flexible and flat hierarchy means that we also have the opportunity to work with everyone at every level and can make strong connections with more 'senior' colleagues across departments. It is not uncommon for everyone to stay for an event after work or to go to the pub on a Friday as conversation and new ideas are never for want in the office."
Graduate, London, UK
"It's the most amazing and unique culture out there. People are very tolerant, open-minded and passionate about what they do while still caring about knowledge sharing, growing and having a positive social impact."
Graduate, London
"As consultants work on-site, it is not only the Thoughtwork's culture but also the culture of the client site and team that we are on. This can be unpredictable as we will move from project to project. However, there tends to be a certain attitude and work ethic among Thoughtworkers that helps to provide a sense of continuity. I do feel slightly distanced from the main office as I'm always on-site but work events are really fun when we have them and they're a great opportunity to meet and chat with colleagues. Events tend to have a strong social emphasis and there is usually an educational or developmental theme to things as well."
Graduate, London
"My colleagues are very helpful and friendly and I can expect the same level of enthusiasm and passion for technology that I have. The company is very transparent and always keeps us up to date on what's happening on the management level. There are always team lunches, dinners and activities as well as lots of events and talks."
Graduate, London
"It's extremely non-hierarchical compared to most large companies. There are roles, but I don't have a line manager or anything like that. The culture is one of self-starters, explorers and resourceful people. Feedback is encouraged for self-improvement."
Graduate, London
"There's a flat hierarchy and we have very culturally diverse projects due to taking full advantage of having offices all over the world. Team socials and bonding are very important and events are frequently run by office managers and other members of the business. We also host a lot of charity events in the office and help out a lot of societies that are fighting for good causes."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!


"For a consultancy, the culture is great. The nature of having people in many different places does make a coherent culture hard to maintain though."
Graduate, London
"I'd like to see the UK office with more people from different ethnicities."
Experienced, London
"It feels very close-knit for a large organisation. There's a relatively flat hierarchy meaning more senior staff are equally as approachable as junior members. Occasionally, due to its size, it does have hints of a large corporation from time to time."
Graduate, London
"There is a very flat hierarchy within the company and people are sociable and friendly. Most colleagues are pretty open and engaged with world issues and love to have a good, heated discussion."
Graduate, London
"Culture is what makes my workplace great. In terms of hierarchy, everyone is approachable and does not put weight behind their job title. Teamwork is really at the core of agile development and it really makes working in tech far more enjoyable. ThoughtWorks have so many events on, and not just about tech. I can only regret not having enough time."
Graduate, London
"There is not really a hierarchy in ThoughtWorks. You don't have a boss, which is nice. Though they do assign you a 'sponsor' when you start, he/she is basically a senior TWer who is there to help you when you have questions of any kind. Prepare to give and receive a lot of feedback – TW believes feedback is an essential tool for constant improvement."
Graduate, London
"ThoughtWorks is full of people who are really committed to tech and to social justice. Lots of people are active in political movements and there is an open atmosphere where people routinely share their views and introduce each other to new ideas. There are regular opportunities to socialise. There are usually several events organised in the evenings in the London office, a trip to the pub every Friday and regular team outings when out of the office on a client site. There is a strong culture of feedback where people regularly offer up advice on how to improve and expect to receive it. Things that we need to improve on are discussed openly with employees of all levels and people are open about discussing their failures and sharing the learning experience."
Graduate, London


"There is a flat hierarchy here. To me it feels like bosses are at the same level as graduates hierarchically. Socialising happens often: there are lunchtime activities and weekly Friday pub drinks."
Graduate Consultant, London
"ThoughtWorks is a very flat organisation. For example, (most) people don't have a boss. Instead, there's a very supportive culture across levels of experience, roles, and countries, which is really great. I've also found it to be a very social company, which means colleagues can often become friends, which is really important at a consultancy."
Business Analyst, London
"I believe that everyone is passionate about their job, and is happy to help and share their knowledge. There are many pub nights, pub lunches, trips and other opportunities to socialise."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"The firm consists of really funny, intelligent and friendly people. It is a diverse group who all seem to have fascinating interests! There is lots of out-of-hours interaction, so it's a great company for anyone who is from out of town, or looking to make new friends."
Developer, London
"The people at ThoughtWorks are great, it feels a lot more like a community rather than a company. We have regular team and office nights out and social events, and I'm always meeting new people. Thanks to ThoughtWorks I now have friends all over the world; which is amazing."
Software Developer, London
"The culture at ThoughtWorks is the best I’ve ever experienced. This has been right from the interview process to the projects I work on: people are fun to work with, ready to solve a problem together and also happy to share an opinion. During social events, it’s a very cheerful atmosphere with lots of activities all year long."
Quality Analyst, London
"I would argue that there is a flat hierarchy here - leadership team and titles denote experience levels, but on a project team all are treated as equals. Teamwork and cooperation is good too. There is an active social life here too, and there are usually a couple of things happening every week."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester


"The company have a relatively flat hierarchy, a great team spirit, and there are frequent social events."
Graduate, London
"There is huge respect for equality and opportunity here. You have a lot of freedom; I do not report to anyone, there are no managers. I have a sponsor who helps me progress in my career. However, there are decision makers, and it is hard to avoid the hierarchy in this respect. It is a company of relationships, and the more of those you have- the more opportunities you will have. Furthermore, the more people you support and bring with you, the healthier your career will be in my opinion."
Entry level, Manchester
"So far I've found the company to be very cooperative, and people respond well to proactivity on the social front."
Graduate, London
"It's a very social place to work; there are after work events on a near daily basis which is great. Everyone is really open and friendly and there is a real emphasis on social justice awareness and action."
Graduate, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks has a very flat structure, and I always feel welcomed and encouraged to reach out if I need any help or support with anything. Everyone is extremely helpful both from a technical perspective and from a social perspective; the community we have in the office is amazing - we arrange regular outings and activities such as football, etc."
Entry level, Manchester
"I feel that ThoughtWorks has a fantastic culture, promoting and participating in causes for social and economic justice. There are many activities in the evening in the offices for this and also to share ideas in software development. There is also very little hierarchy in ThoughtWorks - everyone is relaxed, and respects each other's work."
Midlevel, Manchester
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