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Green Initiatives

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(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"We have a global climate working group addressing these issues, but it's very early days as of yet."
Graduate, Manchester
"We have a working group for establishing a climate action plan, but there can be questionable choices of client when it comes to the topic of green living."
Entry level, Manchester
"My employer has an away day coming up committed specifically to acting on climate change as a company. I was a member of a group of individuals actively seeking to reduce our carbon footprint due to travel. My employer also encouraged its employees to join the climate strike in London recently (where possible) to support the urgent cause."
Graduate, London
"It is a big commitment of ours. However, we do a lot of travelling, which isn't great."
Graduate, London


"We have energy monitors in the office and we are big on recycling and getting the right habits in peoples lives. We have a green office initiative that ensures we aren't wasting energy and we have plants to liven up the office space."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"It is something the company is aware of and we do have recycling in the office, but I'm not currently aware of any active engagements on this issue."
Graduate, London, UK
"The company makes active efforts when it comes to recycling, being environmentally conscious and not wasting water. There's also a cycle to work scheme."
Graduate, London
"There are groups within the company who actively do work on this. I haven't been involved enough to know exactly what yet."
Graduate, London


"There are recycling bins around the office and, generally, not a lot of printing going on. Aside from that, I'm not sure what our wider strategy is around this area."
Experienced, London
"Not sure, though many employees are concerned with green issues."
Graduate, London
"Lots of recycling."
Graduate, London


"As much as possible is recycled in ThoughtWorks offices, and public transport is encouraged when travelling to client locations."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"There are initiatives to reduce paper usage and raise awareness of environmental issues to see how we can reduce our carbon footprint."
Developer, Manchester
"Although personally I believe that we could do slightly better by saving more paper and reducing our energy consumption, I can see that the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint and there are campaigns across the offices."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"Generally I find that ThoughtWorks staff are very conscious of the environment and their effect on the world around them. We have many internal debates around these sorts of issues and how we can improve."
Software Developer, London


"I think that perhaps this is one area in which the company could do more, particularly given its self-image as a socially responsible company."
Graduate, London
"We are actually in the process of trying to be more green, but consultancy requires a lot of travel and time."
Graduate, Manchester
"We have recycling bins in the office and we are experimenting with using laminated index cards, for reusability. We are running an awareness campaign at the moment on Zero Waste (for ZeroWasteWeek)."
Entry level, Manchester
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