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In a few words


"A forward-thinking and talented company with respect for its employees."
Entry level, Manchester
"Inclusive and open-minded with opportunities for growth and a flat hierarchy."
Graduate, London
"Passionate and purpose-led individuals."
Graduate, London
"Open, trusting and modern."
Graduate, London
"One of the best places to learn."
Entry level, London/Hamburg/Glasgow


"Diverse, engaging and ambitious."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"Invested, innovative and open-minded."
Graduate, London, UK
"One of the most impressive employers on the market."
Graduate, London
"Progressive, passionate and purposeful."
Graduate, London
"Trusting and non-hierarchical."
Graduate, London
"Open, trusting, and totally awesome."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!


"Learning-oriented and international."
Graduate, London
"Open, creative and supportive."
Experienced, London
"Supportive and transparent with a great and open culture."
Graduate, London
"A great place to learn and grow."
Graduate, London
"Talented people, positive atmosphere, rapid professional development, social responsibility."
Entry level, London
"Creative, radical, open and honest."
Graduate, London


"The company is diverse, supportive, innovative, ambitious and liberal."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"A highly rewarding place to work, with a great atmosphere, and many opportunities to learn as a graduate."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"A truly global company helping tackling some really interesting problems."
Business Analyst, London
"The company is a leader in technology with a heart of gold."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"A consultancy with technology at the core, that is advocating for social and economic justice."
Developer, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks is a technology-focused company with the desire to make the world a better place."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"An exciting, interesting and fun company to work for."
Software Developer, London
"The company is supportive and friendly."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester
"An exciting technology hub, where you'll be surrounded by very intelligent people."
Business Analyst, London


"Unconventional, nurturing, supportive, value driven!"
Graduate, London
"Ethical software excellence!"
Graduate, Manchester
"The best enterprise tech company!"
Midlevel, London
"A modern and liberal company."
Graduate, London
"Fun, thoughtful, reactive."
Graduate, London
"It is a company with ambitious mission, full of disruptive thinkers that want to make a difference."
Entry level, London
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