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Interview Process


"ThoughtWorks has a seven-step recruitment process that's geared towards finding the right fit. It's a rigorous process, but personally, it does not feel difficult as you go through it because the recruiters and interviewers are very friendly."
Graduate, London
"We are pushed to punch well above our weights here, and you must be prepared and ready for that. The interview process is designed to give you every opportunity to show us how you are the right fit for this company."
Entry level, Manchester
"The application process involved a coding task, a phone interview, three in-person interviews (focusing on cultural fit/community engagement, personal interests, and technical knowledge) plus various psychometrics/logic tests and an in-person interview with management."
Graduate, London
"There was an initial phone interview, a code exercise, then a face-to-face day with three sessions, a technical/pairing interview, a (P3) culture and morality/ethics session, and a presentation. Finally, there was a management interview."
Graduate, Manchester
"It was a long hiring process and it took me about half a year to complete, and you have to invest a lot of personal time into the process - and it is worth it. Hiring requirements are very strict, but you can be sure that everyone else in the company passed the same bar."
Midlevel, London
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