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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Be passionate and show what you're interested in."
Technology, Graduate, Manchester
"The interview was split into three stages: technical, social justice and personal. Technical: I was tasked to write some code before the interview day and then asked to talk through my code on the day before being paired with my interviewers to improve the code in some way. The key here is not to worry about getting the code perfect, but to communicate effectively and be clear about your ideas, intentions and ways of thinking. Social justice: I was asked to pick a recent topic around social justice and to discuss it with two interviewers. My recommendation is to pick something you are interested and passionate about and be your authentic self."
Entry level, Manchester
"Research about specific work that the company does in areas such as social and economic justice. Reach out to employees on LinkedIn as we will be happy to help and tell you all about what it's like to work for us."
Graduate, Manchester


"The application process has a variety of tasks and can be quite overwhelming. My best tips would be that you should take everything seriously (a technical test is just as important as a social justice discussion) and that asking questions so that you can prepare your answers is fine, if not encouraged!"
Graduate, London, UK
"The interview process tends to be quite long so I'd recommend a lot of patience and perseverance, because it really is worth it in the end. The company cares about what sort of person you are, not only about your skillset, so one part of the interview process is to make sure that people are the right cultural fit. I'd also recommend getting experience with pair programming and test-driven development."
Graduate, London
"Just be yourself. We hire for talent, attitude and potential above all. The process is a little long but, seeing as taking a job is a huge commitment, I was happier with the interview process being thorough as I felt more confident that the right decision had been made both for me and for ThoughtWorks."
Graduate, London
"There's a phone interview, a take home tech-test and an office interview."
Graduate, London
"If you read the website and check out our stuff like TechRadar, you will get a sense of whether the company fits your values or not. Be sure to communicate directly as this is seen as important."
Graduate, London
"Stay calm. The interview process can be long and quite tough but it is worth it. There is help at each stage and you can retry different stages of the process if you need to. There are some cultural fit sections alongside the standard technical interviews, which is a great chance to show what you're passionate about."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!


"During the phone interview, I was asked: what does social and economic justice mean to you? What causes do you feel closest to? During the technical pairing interview, I was asked about my understanding of Java and explored different design patterns."
Graduate, London
"For the technical part I was paired with a developer to extend the coding test that I had submitted. Later, I had to present on a topic that I was passionate about and was asked what social and economic justice meant to me."
Graduate, London
"What do you think about making people's private information accessible to authorities to prevent terrorist attacks?"
Graduate, London
"What do you think of using quotas to hire more women in technology? Why did you choose to solve this problem this way?"
Graduate, London


"While I think that it is a cliché, you should be yourself, because if you're not honest, it'll be obvious. Have fun too, as in spite of it being challenging, stressing about the process isn't going to help."
Business Analyst, London
"The application process is quite all-rounded, ThoughtWorks look for people with the necessary skills and also the right attitude. That said, the company don't look to trick applicants. So come in, be relaxed, be open-minded and willing to learn."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"I think that candidates should research the company, especially the three pillar model. Also, they should have a good understanding of agile practices. Developers should try to practise Test Driven Development beforehand, as the programming assignment will require you to do this. The recruiters are very helpful and quick to answer your questions."
Developer, Manchester
"When doing the pair programming interview say what you're thinking aloud. Be prepared to have your views challenged in a healthy way in the social and economic justice interview. It's a fun process and nothing to worry about."
Consultant, Manchester
"When you are applying you should read up about the company, try and decide whether you are suitable for the particular requirements and ethos of the job. For example: are you happy to travel, interested in social justice, happy interacting with people a lot of the time, or would you prefer to be in a quieter, solitary environment?"
Developer, London
"The application process consists of an initial application form, phone interview, coding exercise (done at home), assessment day, pair programming and a 'social and economic justice' discussion. Be yourself, so don't just do and say what you think the interviewer wants to hear. For developers, understanding agile development would be a bonus."
Developer, London
"Just be nice and be yourself throughout the application process. The interview given to you is different depending on the role you have applied for: it is usually a task to complete based on the role, an aptitude component, cultural fit interview and an interview with leadership."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester


"Get to know the company well before the interview, and if you want to work here - come and tell us why and learn as much as you can about us, from us. We look for passion, aptitude & attitude."
Entry level, Manchester
"The interview process was one of the best I've been through, and I came out feeling that regardless of whether I got the job, I was glad I'd experienced the interview and felt that I'd learnt a lot from it."
Graduate, London
"My advice is to do a lot of research into the company and be yourself in the interviews. In the technical interview be open to questions about your code - it's not critical, it's to see how you think and approach a problem."
Graduate, Manchester
"Take the application seriously; applying to ThoughtWorks is a big time investment, compared to most similar positions. It is, however, totally worth it."
Midlevel, London
"I would strongly encourage candidates to start to get to know ThoughtWorks before applying - attend some events and talk to some employees. Also, for a software developer, I would recommend reading into TDD and exercising good domain modelling and encapsulation when you think about the code submission. Other recommendations would be to think about the social and economic justice perspective, and ask yourself if you could change something in the world, what would that be?"
Entry level, Manchester
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