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One Small Change


"Push towards more flexible working so that employees can work from their homes or the home office a little more to help with long-term traveling assignments."
Entry level, Manchester
"I think London grads could be paid more."
Graduate, London
"Change the structure of what happens when employees are not staffed on projects to make it a lot easier for employees to keep their steep learning curve going and keep people in the feedback loop."
Graduate, London


"Include travel time (in addition to the standard commute) in billable hours for all projects."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"A shorter process for grads from the interview to being on their first project."
Graduate, London, UK
"Try to limit travelling to the absolute minimum."
Graduate, London
"Wipe-clean stationary as standard and greater incentives or raised awareness to be green."
Graduate, London


"The grad programme is very focused on the professional services part of the business. I think it would be invaluable if, at the end of the grad programme, we could spend a month working with operations to get better insight in to that area as well."
Graduate, London
"I think having some structured learning resources or projects for when you are not working on a client project would be helpful. If you are new, you don't quite know what is going on and who to talk to. Any ways to ensure we use that time wisely would be helpful."
Experienced, London
"More shadowing opportunities for grads when starting a project."
Entry level, London


"While ThoughtWorks University is an amazing programme, I feel that the trainees could benefit from a more structured approach to progression after returning."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"I have found that not all the graduates coming back from ThoughtWorks University are assigned to a project straight away. It would be very beneficial if they had more senior support until they get assigned."
Developer, Manchester
"I feel that there could be more training opportunities after ThoughtWorks University."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"Personally I think that there could be a more structured approach to graduates' first years as developers. Perhaps there could also be some more choice around sponsors, rather than being assigned someone."
Developer, London


"I would like to do more of the training at ThoughtWorks University and less in the home offices beforehand."
Midlevel, Manchester
"I think getting graduates to shadow a few projects on a short term basis to gain a bit more exposure to different ways of doing things before placing them in a role, could be beneficial in regards to my experience."
Graduate, London
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