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Relations with Management

8.2 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"The leadership team is usually around the home office and is open to having a chat whenever you need it. Employees are briefed on the current state of things monthly. We do not have typical manager relationships but do have access to more senior members who act as mentors and help you grow and move forward with your career. My experience of this relationship has been good so far as I've found it very useful and I get to choose what direction the relationship takes so that it works best for my needs and goals."
Entry level, Manchester
"The best part of my company's culture is the communication aspect. If you ever have a question or concern about an issue, you are always able to influence what is decided and are able to contribute to the conversation we have as a company."
Graduate, London
"We don't have direct line managers, we have a sponsor (chosen by us) and a cultivator (chosen for us) who we get guidance and feedback from and we are also encouraged to constantly gather our own feedback. This is great for self improvement but it does sometimes feel a bit out of touch with management and leads to us to having to independently drive our own success."
Graduate, London


"They're very accessible. We also have a mentor programme where another employee will help you out in your personal development journey, no matter what your grade, position or experience level is."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"Providing and receiving feedback is a core value. This means that the business is very open internally and between ThoughtWorkers."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"Everyone is accessible, even when it doesn't seem like they should be! The company operates on a culture of strong feedback, which is essential to all of our careers."
Graduate, London, UK
"The structure at ThoughtWorks is very flat and everyone in the team works pretty close together. Both communication and feedback is in the culture of working at this company."
Graduate, London
"I have never worked anywhere where I have felt so much support and encouragement for my general development from all levels of management. It's brilliant."
Graduate, London
"It's very transparent internally and we have a very open feedback culture."
Graduate, London
"We don't have line managers but the project managers and general orchestrators are very involved and great communicators."
Graduate, London


"I have beers with several senior managers a month and they have helped me greatly in my personal development."
Graduate, London
"I haven't had any mentors that are 'managers' in the TW context. I have a sponsor and colleagues to help provide advice and support. I have also received probation feedback from other people and the development team, which was helpful."
Experienced, London
"Incredibly accessible. I would not be able to tell they were managers if I didn't know them. Always open for a conversation. Feedback is encouraged and we seek it often. We are assigned sponsors as career mentors and I meet regularly with mine to discuss current projects and what steps to take to develop my skills."
Graduate, London
"They're very approachable and send regular communications."
Graduate, London
"In TW we don't really have managers but the leading team is very open and always available to speak. We are all ThoughtWorkers and the structure of the organisation is pretty flat."
Graduate, London


"From my experience good work will always be recognised and praised, and there is a rich feedback culture. More experienced colleagues are always happy to mentor and help."
Graduate Consultant, London
"I have found that ThoughtWorks management are generally very accessible, and take a keen interest in what is going on in the company at all levels."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"The manager does not have his own office, so he sits with everyone else in an open office, and is very cool to chat to whenever you need to."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"Every employee is encouraged to have a one-on-one meeting with a person from the management team to discuss their performance in the last year, what they want to focus on next and how ThoughtWorks can help them to achieve their goals. Also, you are given due credit when you do a great job. Although management can be very busy at times, so they can be harder to get hold of, they are approachable and ready to offer advice."
Developer, Manchester
"Management are very accessible as there is a very fluid, open working space where all levels and departments always interact."
Developer, London
"I find that everyone in ThoughtWorks is very approachable, and will always help you if they can."
Software Developer, London
"As it’s a flat structure, people are always happy to guide and give advice where needed. Giving feedback is part of the culture of the firm and people are always keen to improve. Internal information and the position of the firm on most matters is regularly shared and easily accessible to employees."
Quality Analyst, London
"There are fairly open communication channels here, and I find that anyone can speak to leadership."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester


"Monthly, we have regional leads communicate what is going on. They are also regularly in and around the office - they are like us, it is not hierarchical. The highest decision makers also try and communicate via regular open conference calls, etc."
Entry level, Manchester
"I'm on a first name basis with everybody, and I currently sit about five metres away from the head of the UK business - it's quite a flat management structure."
Graduate, Manchester
"Most of the management including the CEOs are very approachable and very supportive!"
Midlevel, London
"Managers are very accessible and approachable. I always felt comfortable and confident to ask for support, feedback and advice. Also, they tend to follow up after communications with instant feedback and/or recognition."
Entry level, Manchester
"The leadership team interacts very well with all employees at ThoughtWorks."
Midlevel, Manchester
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