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7.9 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"The salary is above average for a beginner but pay reviews need work and are below the industry standard, from what I understand."
Entry level, Manchester
"I am very happy with the remuneration I currently receive from my employer. It shows that the company is willing to invest in and train graduates instead of treating them as less skilled, like the majority of companies hiring graduates today."
Graduate, London
"I think it's above average for my grade. I earn more than most of my peers."
Graduate, London
"I feel like it's not as competitive as at similar jobs."
Entry level, London/Hamburg/Glasgow


"I'm very happy with the graduate salary and the company isn't afraid to discuss pay either. We have an annual review cycle where you can talk about your pay and the company is very open to hearing your opinions on it. I find that people enjoy the annual review as it gives them a platform to have the conversation rather than having to pull someone aside to have it."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"Our salary is fixed so there is no salary inequality among grads and no need to negotiate. It is also slightly higher than most of my counterparts working in the same level of tech as I am. I believe our company not only takes the living costs of each city into consideration but also the importance of investing and building up new technologists."
Graduate, London, UK
"It's a fair salary for a graduate position."
Graduate, London
"I am very satisfied with my current pay and the future progression that ThoughtWorks offers."
Graduate, London


"It is reasonable and I have no problem living a good life on my salary. However, it is definitely less than many other tech jobs in London."
Graduate, London
"As a graduate, the learning opportunities were a bigger priority for me than pay. That being said, ThoughtWorks' graduate pay is not high above the market rate, even though they seek candidates that can perform above the market rate."
Graduate, London
"Considering I'm a graduate, my remuneration is very good and it allows me to live in London (which is very expensive) with no problem."
Graduate, London
"The salary is better than entry-level salaries for most other consulting firms, but maybe not as high as you could get from a big technology company."
Graduate, London


"I believe that the salary for graduates is very good, and from what I have seen online it is above the UK average."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"ThoughtWorks offers a very attractive remuneration package."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"I was very pleased with my starting salary, and I feel that it has increased well since then."
Business Analyst, London
"I am quite happy with the salary, there is also immense help from the company if you need to pay for classes or books to help you to learn more to improve on your role."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"For a graduate, I feel that the salary is one of the best on offer on the market."
Developer, Manchester
"I think it is a good level of pay for an entry level job in this industry."
Developer, London
"I think that the salary at ThoughtWorks is competitive."
Quality Analyst, London
"The salary is good, as are the benefits that come alongside it."
Business Analyst, London


"As a grad, I think that the wage is very good. But as you progress, you can quickly earn more somewhere else."
Entry level, Manchester
"From my understanding, it's certainly possible to earn more elsewhere."
Graduate, London
"The salary is not bad, but perhaps slightly behind what you could get in other places with similar hiring requirements. Of course, it's much lower then what individual consultants make."
Midlevel, London
"My salary is relatively low at present given my academic background, but this was because I joined as a graduate. There are good opportunities for my salary to increase over time. There are no bonuses at ThoughtWorks that I know of."
Midlevel, Manchester
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