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Satisfaction with Work

8.6 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"I am very happy with the quality of work I am assigned. I have been given the opportunity to be an integral part of a delivery team for a client where I can work on a very modern and exciting tech stack with some very talented people."
Graduate, Manchester
"The work is challenging as a junior team member and there is a lot to learn and pick up on the job. Working alongside more senior consultants gives me the opportunity to expand my skillset significantly. There are opportunities to try new roles and you have to be adaptable to be an effective consultant as you work alongside client staff."
Entry level, Manchester
"I was very happy with the high-intensity learning environment on my first project. I was able to pair programme with different people on different aspects of the application every day, which made each day a new challenge. This was a highly rewarding environment that I really enjoyed. I am really looking forward to my next project so that I can experience this again."
Graduate, London
"The quality of work is very modern and always uses the latest technology. My day-to-day activities include programming and discussing work with team members."
Graduate, London
"The role you play depends on what client you are assigned to. The goal is to ensure the client does not require you as a consultant any more."
Entry level, London/Hamburg/Glasgow


"As a developer, most of my time is spent pairing with other developers to write code, but there's often daily interaction with the client and team members in other roles too. Every project has involved something new, which means there's always something to learn and, with a range of experience across teams, there's someone with knowledge to draw on."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"I'm still waiting to do dev work as I have had an extended period of not being assigned it. Future prospects look very exciting though."
Graduate, London, UK
"I am a software developer and a consultant, so I will be assigned on a client engagement. I work on the client's problem for a few months in a team that comprises of both ThoughtWorkers and, potentially, the client's developers. My role is to develop an excellent product so teamwork is essential. After the engagement's been completed, I'd be moved onto the next engagement."
Graduate, London
"Projects can vary so some will be things you enjoy and others will be less so. This means that your experience can change a great deal from day to day. However, the opportunity for learning (be it from different technologies, different people or different working methods) makes every project very satisfying for me."
Graduate, London
"As well as being a developer, I am also a consultant. We get assigned to client projects in different industries and it can take a little bit of time to settle down. We are there to influence and improve their practices and also to solve some of the toughest problems they face. Given that we rotate projects every now and then, there are always interesting challenges every day."
Graduate, London
"I get to work on different things as there is constant variety at a consultancy. I learn new languages and frameworks all the time."
Graduate, London
"As a graduate, you usually start off shadowing and I think it is as good as you're willing to make it. I wanted to learn fast and prove myself to be able to progress. On a day-to-day basis, I liaise with my team, speak to stakeholders and write stories."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!


"Since ThoughtWorks is a consultancy, the quality of work varies with assignments. Sometimes you are very lucky and get a really exciting project and sometimes not. So far, all of my assignments have included a lot of responsibility and freedom, which I think is great considering I'm a graduate."
Graduate, London
"I love working on my current project. Getting paid to work on social justice issues is extremely rewarding. The project is interesting and I'm learning about different technology in a supportive and happy environment."
Experienced, London
"I develop software in small and agile teams. We're often working in pairs so social interaction is frequent."
Graduate, London
"Work quality depends on the project – some are more meaningful than others."
Graduate, London
"At a consultancy, projects vary and so my team and tech stack will vary too. Some will be more challenging in terms of technology, others in terms of business engagement. So far I have been happy facing these challenges on all the projects I have been assigned."
Graduate, London
"I was assigned to my first project as soon as I came back from the TW University training in India. I'm now working in a mixed team of TWers and other developers. I really enjoy my job because I'm surrounded by senior developers and every day I have chance to pair with a different person and learn a lot."
Graduate, London
"I spend most of my time writing code for our clients, looking for opportunities to improve their products and practices and coaching their employees through changes to the way they work. The work isn't always with the most exciting new technologies but almost always involves a bold challenge and the opportunity to take risks and make a difference."
Graduate, London


"As a graduate I get to learn a lot from the more experienced members of the team. One of the good things about our offices is that you may transfer from one role into another and there will be people to help you with that."
Graduate Consultant, London
"Being a software consultancy, ThoughtWorks offers the chance to work with many different technologies and languages. This means there is always something new to learn, and a very small scope for boredom."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"In my role I work with technology teams and business teams to work out how technology can help solve business problems."
Business Analyst, London
"I am currently a developer on a project in the office. Majority of the time, I would pair program with another developer to build features on the application that we are developing. Throughout the week, we also have different team meetings: retrospection to reflect on our process; technical huddles to find the best solution as a team on certain technical problems; and we set-up and conduct user-testing."
Graduate Software Developer, London
"We employ agile practices - pair programming and test driven development, to name just a few. On a typical day, we start with a stand-up meeting, and then I will pair on writing application code or managing our application infrastructure."
Developer, Manchester
"Since I've joined, I have participated in the ThoughtWorks University training course in India, and then I have worked on internal projects. At the heart of ThoughtWorks is agile development, so expect stand-ups, retrospectives, frequent showcases, pair programming, continuous integration and delivery and test-driven development. Also, you get to work with many technologies, and you are not confined to a single role."
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"As clichéd as it sounds, the role is actually is different every day. You are trusted to contribute from day one."
Consultant, Manchester
"In my role I am developing software every day, usually working in pairs. The nature of the technology changes all the time, which keeps the work interesting, and means I am always learning and improving. I laugh a lot too!"
Developer, London
"I currently work as part of a great team on an open-source project written in Clojure."
Developer, London
"One thing that I think makes ThoughtWorks different is the variety of technologies and processes that we use. No two projects are ever the same and it never gets boring."
Software Developer, London
"I've never ceased to have been challenged by the work, and I've always enjoyed it. You're sent to India to train for a month, during which time you work on a project simulation. Coming back I've had the opportunity to work on websites, mobile apps, medical equipment and a big data platform. This has been alongside chances to speak, teach and coach."
Developer, London
"My day-to-day work consists of consulting on technical topics, writing code and building relationships."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester
"Working with client stakeholders, developers and user experience designers to deliver custom software in an agile manner are all part of my day-to-day work."
Business Analyst, London


"As a graduate software developer I have been assigned to a large well-run project in which I am learning at great deal on a daily basis."
Graduate, London
"I think individual experience will vary a lot in a company like this, depending on what project you are assigned to. In my case, I work closely with client developers on code, but also have the opportunity to shape the direction of the team."
Graduate, London
"I'm currently one of four developers on a project. I pair with other developers on new features, get involved in stand ups, testing and other aspects of the project."
Graduate, Manchester
"I am a developer and my day-to-day responsibility is being part of a project team, pairing with the other developers in my team, swapping pairs on a daily basis. Pair programming helps me a lot in context sharing and knowledge sharing. Also, I get to work on all areas of the project, which is amazing in terms of my own development."
Entry level, Manchester
"I am a software developer. My primary responsibility is to deliver functionality in software applications for clients we consult with. I also liaise with personnel from the client, across both IT and the business."
Midlevel, Manchester
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