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(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"Training is largely self-driven and you are expected to make good use of your development budget to improve your skills. There are opportunities to access courses and there is training around things such as unbiased interview techniques."
Entry level, Manchester
"All graduate hires in the professional services department go to either India or China for one month of training where we learn all about what it is to be a consultant."
Graduate, Manchester
"I have been to my employer's India office for six weeks of training where I met other new joiners from the company from around the world. This was incredibly rewarding and exciting and really opened my eyes to the possibilities of international collaboration. This six-week course taught me consulting and technical skills, but also taught me how to work in a team to deliver features on time."
Graduate, London
"We have a five-week programme in India or China, which is absolutely amazing. I felt like I learned so much and also had the most incredible experience overall. I learned how to be a consultant and also how to be a developer in a team and for my company. Once this is over, however, you are left on your own to do any independent learning or projects you want, which is great in some ways but can also make it less clear about your direction."
Graduate, London


"There's a five-week training programme in India, which was very intense. Long working days and being away from home when you're quite stressed can be difficult, but you're in India. Shadowing on your first project helps you ease into the projects."
Graduate, Manchester is my home office but I am currently working in Germany!
"Generally speaking, most training is on the job or self-directed. However, courses are run that address the soft skills that are important as a consultant. For graduates, things are a little different: you'll start with five weeks in India on an intense training programme to introduce many of the new things that'll be encountered on projects."
Graduate, Manchester (but I've also worked in Liverpool and London in the same post)
"The amount of support and training one gets from ThoughtWorks is overwhelming. They are really good at it and there are probably just a few other companies on the market that can match it. It starts with the induction days where you learn about the company itself, how it's being run and managed, how we work as a team and about its culture. Then you are assigned an on-boarding buddy who is responsible for helping you navigate the company in the first few weeks. This is followed by going to India for five weeks of training where you not only pick up best practices while coding but also Agile methodology in software development. When you come back from India, you choose your sponsor, a person who will help you to navigate through the first year of your career. You also get a budget for your personal development and self-learning as well as two extra free days when you can go to conferences and workshops etc."
Graduate, London
"We get an annual personal development budget that we can use for conferences, books, magazines and training courses. It's very flexible and means that I can do a specific course to get up to speed as needed when I start a new project in a new stack."
Graduate, London
"There's a graduate training programme that lasts for five weeks upon arrival. It's pretty intensive and imbues the company culture into you."
Graduate, London


"The best training you can get is to do the real work. ThoughtWorks has been absolutely great for putting me in situations where I can learn tons from the environment and the people but where the pressure on my own delivery is managed in such a way that it doesn't become too much."
Graduate, London
"I've attended a tech conference that gave me an insight into the industry. While some of the content was too advanced for me, I felt it was still useful. I particularly remember the talks on block chain and common code smells. I bought an online course in dropWizard, a java framework of which I've completed around 80%. Overall, I think finding time to complete these studies while you are on a project can be difficult."
Experienced, London
"There's an intense five weeks of training on arrival spent learning the ins and outs of agile software development. There were some superfluous sessions but the technical aspect was comprehensive."
Graduate, London
"As a graduate you train in Pune, India, for six weeks with the other graduates from the worldwide offices. You learn how to build and ship software in an agile way. You also learn the culture and issues that matter to the company and you get to know your colleagues."
Graduate, London
"If you are a graduate the first step in TW is to join ThoughtWorks University in India for about six weeks. It's an amazing experience where you don't just learn about your profession but also about the company values."
Graduate, London
"The formal training component was a six-week programme in India with other graduates from all over the world. Most of the training is self-directed: you are given a mentor and a generous budget and have the freedom to choose the training that works best for you."
Graduate, London


"Training programmes here have included regular 'lunch-and-learn' sessions and lectures, among other things. There is also an annual budget of £1000 to spend on self-development."
Graduate Consultant, London
"ThoughtWorks offers all new graduates the opportunity to travel to Pune, India for almost six weeks, for ThoughtWorks University. This is an incredible opportunity to work on a simulated project with other graduates from around the world, as well as attending taught sessions. It is an experience not to be missed!"
Graduate Software Developer, Manchester
"We were taken to India for good training scheme and it was an unbelievable experience. It gave me a good level of confidence when I got on my first project. Most training takes place on the job, and there are always opportunities to get involved with a variety of programmes outside of my primary role."
Quality Analyst, London
"I am happy with the six weeks' training that I had in India - it was life changing. This programme was also supported by more experienced people within the organisation, and I have access to a development budget."
Consultant Software Developer, Manchester
"Joining as a graduate, you get the amazing opportunity to do six weeks of training in an Indian office, with graduates from all around the world. It's basically an agile 101 course but with project simulations. It is a great opportunity and such a fun time."
Business Analyst, London


"They tend to put you in impossible situations and let you succeed. If you don't - it isn't your fault necessarily and they try again. For a non-dev grad, there is no pairing or training. You have to make it up and learn from the books or your sponsor."
Entry level, Manchester
"The initial five week training programme is very well run, and taught me a lot about programming, teamwork, consulting, and project management. The ongoing personal development and 'sponsorship' programme is good, although the company could offer a little more guidance. That said, I've learnt a lot, and have felt that the resources are available for pretty much anything I'd like to learn, should I choose to make use of them."
Graduate, London
"Everyone is always being encouraged to learn. It's pretty important in the world of software and we are given £1000 a year training budget and two training days a year. New graduates are sent to ThoughtWorks University in India with every other new grad from the company, and make life long connections."
Graduate, Manchester
"There are always lots of on-the-job training opportunities just from working with great people and using quite cutting edge tech. If you join as a grad, you're getting sent to India for five weeks for an intensive training course. The course is great from all perspectives: technical, teamwork, work with clients and life experience."
Midlevel, London
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