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Barney - TPP


Software Developer

I studied Physics at Trinity College, Cambridge, where I’d had chance to do a little bit of coding and really enjoyed it. I applied at TPP as they offered a Software Developer role, with no experience required, and the description seemed to fit everything I was looking for in a career – challenging, with new things to learn.

In some ways, working at TPP is a bit like studying for your degree – you’re still solving interesting problems every day. The biggest distinction is that the things I’m working on are really relevant to real life and real people and it’s immediately obvious that the work that I’ve done affects how doctors work. For example, I’ve worked on cutting-edge machine learning techniques, including developing an AI assistant to help doctors diagnose ovarian cancer. The other main difference is that work is much more structured – which means I can go home at 5.15pm every day and spend all evening (and all weekend) not thinking about work at all.

With all this free time, I’ve been able to join a friendly local running club where I get to explore the Yorkshire countryside. I’ve also started climbing with some friends from work – there are three indoor walls within a 15 minute drive and plenty of opportunities for climbing outdoors too!