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Megan Ward - TPP

Megan Ward

Product Support Specialist

Before Joining TPP, I worked at Morrisons looking after the Health and Beauty department but decided that I wanted a job that had more meaning and that I would feel challenged in.

What I wanted out of a career was a feeling of being important and knowing that the work I’m doing is really helping people. As a Software Support Analyst, I get to engage with the users of SystmOne and help them with any questions or investigate any issues they have with the system. This means we get to solve problems on a daily basis and work out the root cause of any issues to fix them.

I love that I get to take ownership of pieces of work which I can see through to the end. An example of this is when I have worked closely with NHS Trusts, usually if they are having difficulty with issues on SystmOne. I attended meetings with these Trusts to make sure that their issues were resolved and they were happy with the end resolution. Tasks like this mean I’ve gained a lot of confidence since working here. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion and I am a lot better at speaking in public.

I’ve always lived near Leeds and I spend a lot of time in the area. There’s loads to do, but Indoor bouldering is a particularly popular hobby – quite a few TPP staff went to the same place I did.