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Green Initiatives

7.0 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2019)


"We have a sustainability team but there is not a lot of visibility about how we do this operationally, so I think more could be shared. Moving to Green Park has been a big green initiative and this has had ample visibility."
Graduate, Hook
"VM seems pretty proactive and encourages cycling to work as well as having recycling bins throughout the office etc. On a more strategic level, the company does dig up roads to lay fibre, which obviously has an impact, but this is being used in ways to be green, such as to charge electric cars."
Graduate, Bradford
"It attempts to recycle as much as possible, but there's little support for alternative ways to travel to the office other than driving, such as a free shuttle bus from Reading station to the new offices."
Experienced, Hook
"The new building has taken sustainability into consideration from the planning stages. As a large tech company, I think steps are taking place to make sure the company is sustainable."
Graduate, Hook/Reading
"We've removed plastic cups in the offices and there are some other sustainability projects that are more focused on project work or travel."
Graduate, Reading/Hook
"There are recycling bins throughout all buildings and we're encouraged to use our own water bottles rather than plastic disposables."
Graduate, Birmingham
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