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Interview Questions


"I was asked scenario-based questions surrounding how I would approach situations within the workplace."
Experienced, Hook
"There were the standard competency questions but I was also asked how I would describe myself and what I thought about technology. The important thing is that there is no right or wrong answer."
Graduate, changes- Hook/ Reading/ Langley/ Hammersmith
"It was a series of situation-based questions quite similar to the situational judgement tests. You were given a scenario and then asked about how you would respond, rather than 'tell me about a time you showed leadership' style questions."
Graduate, Manchester
"There were situational questions describing a scenario where I showcased a certain skill or quality."
Graduate, Reading
"I had some strength/weakness questions, some 'tell me a time when you have...' Questions and then a general chat about why I wanted the role."
Graduate, Hook
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