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One Small Change


"A little more trust in the work that is given."
Graduate, Hook
"Improve and upgrade the technology and systems."
Graduate, Reading
"Some more social events would be nice, as would a few more freebies."
Graduate, changes- Hook/ Reading/ Langley/ Hammersmith
"Less hierarchy, the execs could show their faces more and budget could be used for better facilities/recruitment rather than events that aren't needed."
Graduate, London
"A more scrutinous development programme for tech and innovation graduates. Many of us are coming from non-telecoms backgrounds and it would be good to get slightly more technical training on engineering methodologies and fundamentals for the industry. This should happen right at the start of the scheme, when some graduates tend not to have as much work from their managers."
Graduate, Reading/Hook
"More structure for rotation opportunities."
Graduate, Birmingham
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