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Kieran Page

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Why did you choose Xcede?

"I chose Xcede for a number of reasons. The team offered me an opportunity to improve and build upon my German language skills, with native speakers in it it’s a good place to learn. Xcede are also well positioned in the market and have a clear strategy for growth and target high growth markets, i.e. data and development. They also offer great incentives and market-leading commission structure."

What does a graduate’s role involve? 

"Typically you start off getting to grips with candidate identification (search techniques on various professional networking platforms) and qualification, understanding what people looking for in their next role but also why they are looking. In the early stages its about building up your network and learning about the patch you focus on."

What training does a graduate receive in your team?

"Full training really. I came into recruitment not knowing anything really just in principle how it worked. Getting people jobs right? There's a lot more to it, sales techniques, psychology and more. You learn how to start off at the basics and are offered training as you progress teaching you both the candidate side and business development side."

What does the graduate programme involve?

  • "You will learn to develop your client base through phone work, meetings and networking events, start to develop an understanding of pipeline management, online job boards, social media for both business development and candidate acquisition. You will build an understanding of common objections, qualify candidates fully, following a clear process, gaining candidate control through selling, gaining commitment, establishing rules of engagement and management of the whole process including the interview process.
  • Writing adverts and mailshots, learning how to write them effectively – advertising every role through different channels.
  • Finally, you will learn how to generate new business, opening up new clients, planning and preparing and attending meetings with support. "

What has been one highlight of your work recently?

" I made a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) placement since being here which has opened up doors in a great start-up that will be an account for me for the foreseeable future. Sometimes making one placement can lead to many more with a business."

Why do you like working for the Xcede?

"I love the team here, we have loads of fun and laughs but are also super driven. It’s a high-performance culture which encourages you to work harder and ultimately be more successful. "