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Future Female Engineers

Future Female Engineers

Meet some of the brightest engineers and find out how you can follow in their footsteps

Anna Smolin

I came across the Future Female Engineers event advertisement through the internet and purely by accident. I still cannot believe that I stumbled upon this fantastic opportunity and immediately took advantage of it. The event’s programme seemed very promising and the day was full of many beneficial activities, which definitely exceeded all expectations.

Extraordinary experience

The networking lunch was an excellent opportunity to meet various people and get the lowdown on the recruitment process from recent graduates. We were encouraged to ask every type of question, make valuable contacts and keep in touch with the graduates we met there. The chance to talk to recruiters proved extremely beneficial – when I came to start my application process I found that I already had some good practical tips gathered from the event. However, the part of the Future Female Engineers event that I enjoyed the most was the panel discussion by senior female engineers from the top engineering companies. Their motivational speeches not only resolved my potential doubts about the industry but also gave me a great boost when it came to my application for an industrial placement.

After the event, feeling significantly richer from this new experience, I applied to Arup for an industrial placement. The company has always been my first choice and I made sure I used all essential hints that I collected during the event. As a result, I got the placement.
The Future Female Engineers event was a unique experience, an effective networking opportunity and beneficial adventure. It was undeniably extremely valuable for my future career. Having an industrial placement at Arup not only allows me to gain exceptional engineering skills, but also to grow as a person while working in my dream company.