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Future Female Engineers

Future Female Engineers

Meet some of the brightest engineers and find out how you can follow in their footsteps

Julia Craig

I had heard about the Future Female Engineers event from several fellow female engineers at university who had previously attended. My friend applied and suggested I did too, and I am glad I did. The event was really inspiring and it was empowering to see so many women with similar goals in the industry.

The application process was clear and straightforward. There were several questions followed by a phone interview asking about why you wanted to attend the event, what engineering means to you and what your goals are. Everyone at TARGETjobs is friendly and honestly just want to see you do well. It really helped me feel more comfortable about attending the event and speaking to others.

I travelled down to London from my university in Scotland, the cost of which was generously reimbursed. This is great for others who may be put off by the expenses if you live far away. It was unproblematic and I was very excited.
On arrival I got my first professional headshot which can now be used on LinkedIn. Following this was a fun and interactive workshop with the inspiring empowerment coach Kate Taylor, who got us to ‘build our own brand’. There were really great tips on how to own your uniqueness, understand your ‘why’ and find the personal values you live by. This was a welcoming way to start the day and eased any nerves I had.

After this, we had lunch and our first chance at networking with recruiters and other attendees. I enjoyed talking through the values each company looks for in their applicants. Then for the rest of the day we had an interactive team challenge with fellow attendees to show and improve our skills. We had a couple of ‘how to get hired’ sessions with recruiters where we could ask further questions about the skills they look for and how to succeed in application processes. Further networking with current graduates meant we could have down-to-earth conversations about what they enjoy about their roles at their companies, meanwhile panel discussions were being carried out with the senior female engineers in the industry.

Overall, the day was hugely beneficial and very well organised by TARGETjobs. I really enjoyed talking to the graduates and senior engineers about their stories and how they got to where they are. It was reassuring that no two people’s paths were the same. There were many different inspiring stories to be heard, and hopefully one day I will be telling mine.

Following the event, I applied to many companies in civil engineering who attended the event. I progressed to interview stages and secured a role with AECOM in their ground engineering team in Glasgow. I believe the FFE event helped me with this through building my confidence in myself and my ability to communicate to others, as it showed me that inspiring people were once in the same position as me.

TARGETjobs kindly follow up with you and offer many more tips and advice for your future applications. The best thing about this event is that it is not just one day. It will continue to provide you with knowledge and advice for the future, while providing useful contacts for further roles you may want to apply for. I really recommend this event to other future female engineers and hope you all achieve your goals!