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National Pupillage Fair

Meet chambers, Bar associations and course providers. A must attend for future barristers.

Talks programme

The TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair hosts a series of talks on careers at the Bar every year and due to popular demand we run double sessions back to back throughout the day.

Please see below the schedule that took place on Saturday 28 November 2020.

Room 1

Room 2

10.00am–10.40 am

Choosing the right Bar course for you

Sponsored talk by BPP

Mark Keith – lead designer at BPP Law School

TARGETjobs would like to thank BPP Law School for financially sponsoring the talks programme. They will be hosting this talk on the wide variety of Bar Courses that prospective barristers now have to choose from, and asking 'what are the key considerations that applicants should consider before choosing where to apply?' Get the answers from this session so you can make the best decision for you.



Funding your career at the Bar

Silver Levene – Mason Bloom

Find out what you need to know about funding your studies to become a barrister and what you need to know about taxes and managing your finances once you become a pupil barrister.



Pro bono and volunteering for the Free Representation Unit (FRU)

Heloise Ramage-Hayes – employment assistant legal officer at the FRU

Nathan Toms – social security assistant legal officer at the FRU

The FRU conducts valuable work in representing those who can't represent themselves. Find out what they do and what it takes to volunteer for valuable work experience.

Pupillage: What You Need To Know

The Bar Standards Board

Julia Witting – head of supervision at the Bar Standards Board

The Bar Standards Board offers insights into the methodology behind the training of pupil barristers.


Commercial law

Keating Chambers – Lucy Garrett QC

One Essex Court – Veena Srirangam

Blackstone Chambers – Ajay Ratan

Find out about what it takes to work as a commercial barrister and what life at the commercial Bar is like.

The financial side of family law

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) – Tim Amos QC

Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) – Thomas Haggie

Find out about what it takes to work as a family barrister in this session on a specialism of family law.


Be Yourself at the Bar

Krista Lee QC – Keating Chambers

Temple Garden Chambers – Elizabeth Gallagher

Henderson Chambers – Reanne MacKenzie

This session focuses on the diversity of the Bar. Get insights from three barristers from different backgrounds about their journey to the Bar, and what support they found when starting their career.

Life at the Bar and skills for pupils

City Law School – Alexia Zimbler

Landmark Chambers – Kimberley Ziya

Hear a little bit about barristers practising other areas of law and the types of skills that pupils need to succeed when they start work.

If you don't manage to catch the talk that you were most interested in don't worry, they are all recorded and will be uploaded to the TARGETjobs YouTube Channel

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27 November 2021