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The National Coding Challenge isn't just a competition; it's an experience that can shape your future in the tech industry. Whether you're a coding expert or a tech enthusiast, this challenge is your chance to make your mark, learn, connect, and win! Are you ready to embrace the challenge and unlock your potential? Join us in celebrating the UK's future tech talent at the National Coding Challenge!

Discover your potential at the National Coding Challenge!

Welcome to the National Coding Challenge, your gateway to an exciting world of technology and innovation! This annual competition is a prestigious event shining a spotlight on the future tech talents of the UK. Whether you're a coding enthusiast or just curious about the world of technology, this challenge is designed for you.

What is the National Coding Challenge?

The National Coding Challenge is a thrilling nationwide competition that invites university students from all backgrounds to participate. It's not just for coding wizards; it's open to everyone, including those who can code and those who are simply fascinated by technology. Here's what you need to know:

For Students Who Can Code:

If you have coding skills, this challenge is your chance to shine. You'll be required to complete both a behavioural and technical assessment. Showcase your coding prowess, solve real-world problems, and demonstrate your ability to innovate using technology.

For Students Who Can't Code:

Don't worry if coding isn't your forte yet. The National Coding Challenge is also open to you! You'll participate by completing a behavioural assessment, allowing you to showcase your problem-solving skills, creativity, and passion for technology. This is your opportunity to explore the tech world from a different perspective.

Behind the scenes at the National Coding Challenge 2024

What's next?

The top-performing students, both coders and non-coders, will be invited to an exhilarating hackathon event. Here, you'll have the chance to collaborate, innovate, and compete in teams. But that's not all – you'll also get to meet a diverse group of tech employers, like-minded students, and industry experts.

Why Participate?

Showcase Your Skills: Demonstrate your abilities in coding, problem-solving, and creativity.

Networking: Connect with tech employers, fellow students, and professionals in the industry.

Learning: Enhance your technical and behavioural skills through real-world challenges.

Opportunities: Explore internship, job, and mentorship opportunities with leading tech companies.

Prizes: Win exciting prizes and recognition for your achievements.

The targetjobs National Coding Challenge

Frequently asked questions

- It only takes two minutes to register and choose a category, the challenge itself will then only take about an hour to complete!

- The challenge gives you the ability to test your coding skills. Whether you're just starting out or you're a scripting genius, you'll get the opportunity to see what coding assessments are all about.

- Once you've completed the challenge, you will instantly receive a personalised feedback report and certificate for your CV and LinkedIn.

- You could be in with the chance of winning exclusive prizes!

That's 4 reasons - What are you waiting for?!

The targetjobs National Coding Challenge has been set up to identify and celebrate the UK’s best student and graduate coders.

Once you have submitted your initial application, you'll be invited to sit a series of online coding challenges, we will then pass your application to the award partner who will pick their shortlisted candidates.

The final shortlist for each award will be invited to an exclusive ceremony where the winners will be announced.

Each award has clearly stated entry criteria, such as year of study and a minimum educational requirement Students who don't meet the entry criteria will not be considered.

Undergraduates and recent graduates from all UK universities are eligible.

You can only apply for one, so please make sure you’ve reviewed all of the available options before starting your application.

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