targetjobs National Coding Challenge | Females who code

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Date and time

01 Nov 2023

Registration deadline

08 Jan 2024

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Registration deadline: 08/01/2024
targetjobs National Coding Challenge | Females who code with Skyscanner

Skyscanner, the leading travel tech company is searching the UK to find females who code. They are seeking a student who is curious and down-to-earth and passionate about technology and travel.

Skyscanner are proud to do things differently. Travel is about trying new things and having fun. Working at Skyscanner is just the same. They’re made up of 1,000 talented, passionate individuals around the world who want to make planning and booking travel better for everyone.

To enter you need to:

  • identify as a female undergraduate student at a university in the UK
  • be in your pre final year at university
  • be studying a software engineering/development, computer science, or IT related degree
  • have the right to work in the UK after graduation.

What makes the targetjobs Female National Coding Champion?

At Skyscanner, an interest in technology and travel is an absolute must. If you have this in bucketloads, you could be the Female National Coding Challenge Champion.

You will need to sit a coding test as part of the application process but your technical skills aren’t the be all and end all as long as you have the ambition and drive to develop your skills, stretch yourself (even if that means failing at times) and become world-class with the guidance and support of Skyscanner.

Beyond this, Skyscanner wants to know about who you are as a person. Essentially, are you a kind human being who is curious and wants to help others?

Why an award specifically for female coders?

We work with schools and universities to encourage females and ensure that they have opportunities to maximise their potential. We hope the targetjobs National Coding Challenge will help to celebrate the success of the many impressive females in further education and that it will also inspire young females considering their next steps and future careers.


You could win: an exclusive paid work experience opportunity with Skyscanner at their Edinburgh HQ

How to take part?

1. Register
2. Assesment
3. Grand Final

targetjobs National Coding Challenge | Females who code

01 November 2023