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Talks programme

Throughout the day we will be running a series of panel sessions covering the following topics. Keep an eye out for times and speakers to be announced!

10:45 - How to approach the virtual recruitment process

As a result of coronavirus, many employers are moving towards video interviews and virtual assessment centres. If you’re worried about your on-screen performance, find out from recruiters how to impress and the preparation they expect.

11:45 - Building your personal brand

When recruiters scroll through your LinkedIn profile, what do they want to see? When you introduce yourself at a networking event, what do they want to hear? In this talk, you’ll find out how to portray yourself as a career-worthy candidate both online and offline.

12:45 - Keeping up the career search during coronavirus

The pandemic may have put an end to many of your plans this year but preparing for and starting your graduate job search doesn’t have to be one of them. In this talk, employers respond to the pandemic-related queries you’ve sent us throughout the day. They will also share what coronavirus has taught them about the kinds of recruits they need and advise on the best resources you can use to get your skills set and CV competition ready.

2:45 - Career success outside the big smoke

Whether it’s the cost of a pint or the packed tube stations, there are many reasons why you might avoid London when job hunting. Discover tips for getting noticed in a new role if the head office is in London and you’re at a regional location, alongside some benefits of working outside the city.

3:45 - Black History Month: celebrating and learning

Employers tell us what they have learned from the Black Lives Matter movement and what action they are taking. This will include their work towards improving the recruitment of black people, along with the changes they are making to their workplaces to promote and celebrate diversity.

4:45 - What next? Class of 2020 and beyond

We cut through the uncertainty to discover employers’ plans for the future. You’ll hear answers to questions such as, in which areas do you expect to increase recruitment in the near future? and what do you see as the long-lasting changes to your recruitment process as a result of 2020 events?

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6 October 2020