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Pupillage Award of £65,000
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Graduate scheme
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The great majority of tenants are recruited from those who have done a 12 month pupillage here. We offer pupillages only to those who we believe have the potential to become tenants and our policy is to offer tenancy to all pupils who meet the required standard during their pupillage. We place a high premium on outstanding intellectual ability, but we are also looking for the strong advocacy skills, determination and practical common sense that will lead to a successful practice. 11KBW is a member of the Pupillage Gateway. Applications for pupillage commencing October 2022 should be made in the new Pupillage Gateway spring round in 2021 (although we accept deferred applications). Interviews will be held in April 2021 and offers of pupillage made in accordance with the Pupillage Gateway timetable. We require applicants for pupillage to do an assessed mini-pupillage in Chambers. When we make pupillage selection decisions we take into account performance in assessed mini-pupillages, together with Pupillage Gateway application forms and performance at interview. Applicants must have a first or good upper second class degree (in any academic field).  


Chambers requires applicants for pupillage through Pupillage Gateway to do a one week assessed mini-pupillage in chambers. The deadline for applications for mini-pupillage is 9 November 2020 for those applying through Pupillage Gateway for pupillage commencing in October 2022. We will invite candidates for assessed mini-pupillages to a short interview in chambers in December 2020. If that causes particular difficulties, we will consider applications for alternative arrangements, such as interview by video conference. Assessed mini-pupillages will take place between January and March 2021. In exceptional circumstances, applicants for pupillage may ask to submit a written answer to a mini-pupillage problem instead of doing an assessed mini pupillage in chambers. Any such application should also be made by 9 November 2020 for those applying for pupillage commencing in October 2022. Offers will be made through the Gateway in May 2021.  


We offer a Pupillage Award of £65,000 (up to £15,000 of the pupillage award may be paid to prospective pupils as an advance in their BPTC year).


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