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Digital Marketing Intern | Warsaw

Salary notes: 
3000 PLN per month
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We want to share with you our knowledge and passion for Digital Marketing at Tribe 47. If you are interested in: digital marketing, social media, web analytics, internet advertising and project management check this opportunity out. If you want to gain valuable professional experience related to working in a consulting company, show great enthusiasm and commitment, have an analytical mind and you learn quickly, apply to work in an international team and have your contribution in our team of Digital Marketers.

Main activities

Assistance in the following:

  • Execution of the Projects run by Tribe47.
  • Preparing Marketing Strategies.
  • Management and service of the systems supporting the Projects executed.
  • Supervising efficient execution of the Budget within the Projects.


  • Development of your skills and knowledge in digital marketing, social media, and sale.
  • Support the organisation with its partners and staff during the execution of the Projects or rendering services.

How to apply & Selection Procedure:

  1. Click "Apply" on this page to be directed to the opportunity.
  2. To successfully apply for this opportunity on our platform, please create a profile online; fill in all the sections of your profile to the best of your abilities to compliment your CV, and generate a resume for your application.
  3. Apply for the opportunity online, and submit your cover letter when asked to answer the question; "Why you are the most suitable candidate for the opportunity?"
  4. For this position, the selection process is as follows:
  • First, your profile will be assessed on the right skills so make sure you complete your profile.
  • Your CV will be requested by the Opportunity Manager from AIESEC.
  • If your CV is shortlisted, you will be contacted by the Opportunity Manager via e-mail following up on questions and tasks for you to carry out.
  • If everything looks good, you can then expect to have an online interview, both from the country you are applying for and later the company, which is the final stage.

Important information:

Candidates are assessed on a first-come, first-served basis, thus the opportunity can be closed before the date indicated on the website if the suitable candidate is selected; consequently, we do not advise candidates to wait for the deadline to complete a profile with AIESEC and send in their application. It is important that you submit the most updated version of your personal CV, and have it ready for submission when requested. Failure to complete your profile, and submission of any poor CVs will not be accepted, resulting in an automatic rejection. Our programs at AIESEC are highly competitive, thus we advise that our candidates explore for more potential opportunities available on our platform and apply to increase their likelihood of acceptance. When applying, please pay close attention to the requirements for some opportunities can general visa restrictions. Lastly, to qualify for our programs at AIESEC UK you must have an appropriate degree and work experience in the field you are applying to.

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More about this vacancy

Mainland Europe
Number of vacancies: 
Up to 5
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Degree subjects accepted: 
Management, marketing, business & HR