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Full Stack Developer [UK citizenship only] | Montreal, Canada

Salary notes: 
35000 CAD per month
Job/scheme locations: 
Montreal, Canada
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This opportunity is subject to UK and Hong Kong citizenship. We are looking for a Full Stack Jedi! You will work closely with members of the development team on projects impacting Clinia's core technology and special projects with partners or health professionals. You will collaborate with the design team to ensure the delivery of ergonomic and efficient products. You will also participate in the "daily" and other meetings of the technical team so that you can benefit from the power of the team as much as contribute to the group with your expertise.

Main activities

  • Communicate and interact regularly with the design team
  • Participate in the evolution of Clinia and its integrations with partners
  • Build frontend components and useful and reusable abstractions
  • Contribute to the evolution of the micro-service structure
  • Find and fix performance issues
  • Provide estimates of effort and participate in weekly sprint planning
  • Identify and help mitigate technical risks
  • We are looking for a person who has extensive knowledge in React, ASP.NET Core APIs and web services

Selection Process | How to apply:

  1. Click "Apply" on this page to be directed to the opportunity.
  2. To apply for this opportunity on our platform, please create a profile at; fill in all the sections of your profile to the best of your abilities to compliment your CV, and generate a resume for your application.
  3. Apply for the opportunity online, and submit your cover letter when asked to answer the question to why you are most suitable candidate for the opportunity.
  4. For this position, the selection process is as follows:
  • First, your profile will be checked on the right skills so make sure you fill this out.
  • Your CV will be requested by the Opportunity Manager from AIESEC.
  • In the case that your application is successful, you will receive an e-mail with following up questions and tasks for you to carry out.
  • If everything looks good, you can then expect to have an online interview, both from the country you are applying for and later the company.

Important information:

Please note that candidates are assessed on a first-come, first-served basis, thus the opportunity can be closed before the date indicated on the website if the suitable candidate is selected; consequently, we do not advise candidates to wait for the deadline to send in the application. It is important that you submit the most updated version of your personal CV, have it ready for submission when requested. Failure to complete your profile, and submission of any poor CVs will not be accepted, resulting in automatic rejection. Our programs at AIESEC are highly competitive, thus we advise that our candidates search for more potential opportunities available on our platform and apply for a minimum of six opportunities to increase their likelihood of acceptance. When applying, please pay close attention to skills, language etc. required when directed to the opportunity on our site, there is a strict criteria and some opportunities may have general visa restrictions.

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More about this vacancy

Rest of the world
Number of vacancies: 
Up to 5
Degree requirements: 
Skills required: 
ASP, C# , Jscript, CSS, NET, JSON, React JS
Accepts applications from students / graduates requiring a work permit?: 
Degree subjects accepted: 
Computer science & IT, Electrical engineering & related