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2020 Graduate Embedded Engineer for STL

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Cambridge CB1 9NJ
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Graduate scheme
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Are you creative, innovative, and passionate about new technologies?

Would you like to help us continue deploying billions of successful devices around the world, many of them enabling safety critical environments such as automotive or robotics?

We are looking for outstanding graduates to be part of our STL (Software Test Library) development team within our CPU group in Cambridge, UK. As part of your responsibilities, you will develop safety-critical software (often written in assembly and C) tightly couple with the internals of CPU design. You will also identify and build creative hardware features inside the CPU that improve the effectiveness of our solutions for segments where safety is of paramount importance without negatively affecting the power, performance and/or area of the core.

STLs execute opportunistically when the hardware is not fully utilised and perform continuous in-depth hardware diagnostics while the system is in operation. It identifies and notifies about functional misbehaviors derived from permanent faults triggered by natural hardware wear-out, or other uncontrollable factors before they may translate into catastrophic system failures with undesirable and even dangerous consequences.

If you are passionate about understanding the interaction between hardware and software, have used some HDL language (Verilog or VHDL) and can program on assembly and/or C, this could be an excellent opportunity to start your career with an exciting challenge. We work on a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment that will motivate you to further improve your skills and also contribute and get deep knowledge on Arm CPU designs and development processes. Engineers with large experience in the field will coach you and help you navigate and learn the complexities of the CPU internals and the mechanisms to meet expectations on safety from emerging markets.

STL is a fundamental piece of the development strategy for sectors with strong safety requirements like automotive, health or robotics. Working with us, you are going to deeply influence and interact on the development of successful solutions for this sectors in conjunction with our multidisciplinary team.

We are an equal opportunity employer with an open culture and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Role Responsibilities

We have exciting opportunities in the CPU group for graduates, where you will become part of a highly motivated team that develops the STLs for Arm CPUs.

You will have real responsibilities from day one and you will get support and guidance from experts that will help you succeed and develop your career. Through teamwork, training, and dedication to personal development, we ensure that every graduate matures to become an expert in the field.

You will work in a multi-site, multi-cultural environment and will have the opportunity to work on different projects.

As a member of the team we will share the following responsibilities:

  • We will define the STL design specifications, verification plan and the safety documents as per ISO26262 and IEC61508.
  • We will build diagnostic software to target CPU sub-units like ALU, pre-fetchers, branch predictors, cache controllers, memory systems, etc.
  • We will envision hardware design features aiming to improve STL effectiveness on ongoing and future CPU developments. We will also get along with the rest of the designers to implement them with minimum impact on area, performance and power.
  • We will prove that the software as well as the STL-specific hardware features meet the specifications and work properly on different CPU configurations.
  • We will generate the safety analysis of the STLs.

Education & Qualifications

In order to be considered, you will need at least a Bachelor’s degree at 2.1 (or equivalent) in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other meaningful subject. Other degree types may be considered with relevant experience.

Essential Skills

  • You should have a creative open-minded attitude with strong motivation to resolve challenging technical problems.
  • Excellent team working skills and ability to understand and communicate technical concepts is expected.
  • You should be willing to explore, learn, improve and to go above and beyond.
  • Good understanding of the fundamentals of computer architecture and micro-architecture.
  • Familiar with C language and assembly language preferably Arm ISA.
  • A keen interest in processors and digital systems
  • Familiarity with basic digital design concepts

Desirable skills

  • Familiarity with a hardware description language, such as VHDL or Verilog/SystemVerilog
  • Use of a UNIX environment and shell programming/scripting in e.g. Tcl, Perl, Python etc.

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East of England
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Up to 5