Want to travel the world and make a difference? The Army is the perfect place to start – whether you’re fully trained, have already started a degree in Nursing or want to apply as a Student Nurse.

As an Army Nurse, you’ll help keep the Army running, whether that’s by helping soldiers in the field, at an NHS trust or from a Medical Regiment in the UK. Wherever the British Army is, you’ll find our Nurses giving first rate nursing care in all sorts of environments and situations.

As you travel the world, gaining valuable skills and civilian recognised qualifications along the way, you’ll learn how to work in the most challenging environments with minimal equipment. This is your chance to reach heights you never knew existed and learn vital skills that’ll set you up for life. This is your chance to do something that matters.

Find where you belong.


If you apply as a Student Nurse, you will attend Birmingham City University and will complete a 3-year degree programme that will give you professional registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council.

You will be well supported by military and civilian University staff at the Defence School of Healthcare Education within Birmingham City University and will then be employed as a Registered Nurse by the Army.

Your first unit will be a Defence Hospital Unit, where you will complete a comprehensive preceptorship package to find your feet as a Registered Nurse including a post qualification rotation programme to allow you to develop in acute areas of practice.


Worth up to £42,000. If you are already in your student nurse training or soon to embark on your Adult or Mental health pathway within the NHS with a guaranteed place you could apply for an Army Nursing Bursary. £5,000 for each year of training and on successful completion of your Student nursing course and successfully finishing officer training, you will be given a lump sum of £27,000. You will then enter the Army as a Registered Nurse and be assigned to a Defence Medical Group Hospital unit, where you will receive a comprehensive preceptorship package with excellent mentorship from clinical practice educators.


The Army can help you gain a range of qualifications. These could include:
• Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (SLAiP)
• You will have the opportunity to specialise in:
o Primary Health Care (to Advanced Practice)
o Emergency Nursing, Critical Care
o Burns & Plastics, Trauma & Orthopedics
o Sexual Health
o General Medicine
o General Surgery.


Become an Army Nurse and you’ll:
- Earn a starting salary of £15,671 during initial training. During your time at university you will be paid up to £21,409 each year. Upon qualification and first posting your pay will rise to £32,076.
- 38 days paid annual leave
- Receive subsidised accommodation and facilities, increasing your disposable income
- Non-contributory pension, free medical and dental health cover
- Have the continuous access to promotional opportunity and to continually progress your career
- Be sponsored to earn valuable civilian-recognised qualifications
- Take part in Adventurous Training and be able to play your favourite sports.


• Student Nurse: 120 UCAS points plus 5 GCSEs Grades 9-4 (previously A-C) including Maths, English and a Science. Full entry requirements on Birmingham City University website.
• Bursary Nurse: You will have already gained your Student Nurse place through UCAS or are part way through your Student Nurse training. You are then eligible to apply for an Army Nursing Bursary.
For more information on entry requirements Search Army Nurse.

Opportunities for this role are ongoing throughout the year.


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