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21st June – 27th August 2021

Our 10 week, paid, summer internship offers penultimate year students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Asset Management Industry. You will be aligned to one business area and enabled to work with colleagues on live projects that will have a real business impact. If successful you will be given the opportunity to return as a Graduate in 2022.

What we offer?

  • Opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of the asset management industry and our different business areas through classroom style knowledge sharing sessions
  • Opportunity for you to build your professional network through social events
  • Opportunity to learn via hands-on experience on live business projects
  • Skills Training on basic business skills that will be useful in your future career (hopefully with us!)
  • Performance feedback; you will agree stretching goals with your manager to help you get the most out of your time with us.

This programme is designed for undergraduates who on completion of the internship, will still have their final year of study to complete.

About You:

Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds, allowing them to bring diversity of ideas and unique perspectives to our investment decision-making process. You do not need a specific degree to be an Aviva Investors Summer Intern.

We look for potential; if you have the following qualities, we would love to see your application:

  • Curiosity; an insatiable hunger to learn, discover and question the world
  • Innovative; think differently and craft unique solutions to meet our clients’ needs
  • Initiative; self-starters and problem-solvers
  • Collaborative; communicate well and share ideas
  • Data Driven; make decisions based on vast quantities of information

Inclusion and diversity

More than 1,500 people work across the world, bringing it all together for today’s investor. True integrated advantage starts with our culture.

When everyone feels part of a unified team, in an environment of fairness, inclusion and positivity, we all achieve more. Integrated advantage is created when everyone feels stronger together - with no barriers to their ability to contribute, collaborate and succeed.

The Assessment Process

Apply online

Stage one: The Application

You will be asked to select which business area you are interested in, upload your CV and fill in a few basic questions such as your contact details – it’s that easy!

Stage two: Online Testing

You will be invited to complete 3 online tests crafted to assess your abilities. You will have 7 days to complete these and can be done at any time during those 7 days.

Stage three: Video Interview

Our Video Interview is a great chance for us to get to know more about you and your aspirations.

Stage four: Assessment Centre

This is our final stage. Making it to this stage means we believe you’ve got what we are after. You will be invited to our virtual assessment centre for a dynamic day during which we will assess your potential through a number of different assessments and also give you the opportunity to meet members of the business area you have applied to.

About us

We are a global asset manager with broad and deep expertise across all major asset classes. As part of the Aviva Group – the UK’s largest insurance company – we are uniquely positioned to combine our insurance heritage with our investment capabilities to deliver the outcomes that matter most to today’s investor.

Today’s investors are asking more questions than ever. They expect more from their asset managers. They want joined-up thinking fit for an interconnected world; integrated solutions with their needs firmly at the heart. We’re challenging ourselves to respond to these new expectations – as well as the changes taking place in our industry and the world around us.

What is Asset Management?

As an Asset Manager we pool together money from investors with a common investment goal. We then invest the money in different assets, aiming to grow the value of their money. For example, the money people pay into their pension scheme is pooled into a fund which we then invest to ensure that when each individual comes to retire, the value of the money they put in has grown enough for them to live on comfortably.

Why is it a rewarding career?

The fact that we are investing people’s futures is at the heart of everything we do. It is a great responsibility. With a career in Asset Management at Aviva Investors, you are helping to build financial security for people just like you, your family, and your friends; through working life and retirement, through the ups and downs of life, and always with a view to investing responsibly.

Our Business Areas:

Real Assets:

We offer investment solutions targeting secure long income, highly diversified portfolios targeting income and growth, as well as specialist funds targeting tactical, higher growth outcomes. We invest in specific sectors, in single countries, regionally or globally, and invest across the real estate spectrum, both directly and indirectly, and in equity and real estate debt. We offer management services targeting benchmark relative, cash relative or absolute returns. We also provide investors with access to alternative income asset classes, through a multi-strategy solution as well as single asset class strategies. These include investments in areas such as infrastructure (both debt and equity), real estate financing, structured finance and corporate private placements.

Global Investment Solutions:

We provide bespoke portfolio solutions to meet investors’ needs. The team gives asset allocation and structuring advice across the full spectrum of global asset classes. The new solutions function will work closely with the real assets, equities, multi-asset and macro and credit teams to manage and develop distinctive solutions for both internal and external clients. Our investment desks share a common investment goal which is to deliver the specific and meaningful outcomes that matter most to today’s investor. Our innovative multi-strategy range, launched in 2014, brings together our full global investment capabilities across a broad range of subject areas. These strategies do not seek to beat any specific benchmark, but instead aim to provide a more certain investment outcome for clients.

Global Product:

Global Product is the bridge between our clients, client facing teams and our investment capabilities. The division is responsible for defining and executing the product strategy for the firm, developing product franchises that use the firm’s investment capabilities and that meet the current and future needs of our wide array of clients. This involves driving innovation through new product development, evolving the existing product portfolio, and creating compelling messaging based on our areas of advantage to take our products to market. Working in Global Product gives you exposure to the commercial centre of Aviva Investors.

Global Client Solutions:

The Global Client Solutions (GCS) division is responsible for the distribution of our investment capabilities, as well as developing, growing and protecting our client relationships. Our clients are all investors – pension schemes, insurance companies and financial intermediaries, such as banks, plus their advisors and investment consultants. Working in GCS will provide you with an understanding of how Asset Managers bring their investment expertise to market, how we develop client relationships, and give you exposure to one of the most quickly-evolving areas of the Asset Management industry.


The Credit team invest in bonds which are loans that are borrowed for a defined period of time. They act as lenders to companies across a range of markets. Credit is a broad and diverse asset class, meaning that many investments are evaluated from both a bottom up and a top down perspective (examine various economic factors, that affect the overall market). Portfolio managers and analysts evaluate each opportunity based on macro-economic, fundamental, valuation and technical attributes in order to assess where price has deviated from fair value.

Multi Assets & Macro:

Our team takes a top down approach to investing and follows the economics and politics across both developed and emerging economies. In doing so we hope to uncover long term investable trends such as an improving growth outlook for an economy which will impact central bank policy or equity inflows. The team aims look through short-term market noise to come up with a central economic scenario (our house view) and strategically allocate our assets in long term positions on that basis. At the we can react and protect our portfolio. In a constantly changing world this team strives to find a steady path which will provide the best return for our clients. Debating this path both internally as a team and collaboratively with the fixed income and equity teams makes this area a diverse and stimulating place to work every day.

You will be assessed against the Aviva values: care more, kill complexity, never rest and create legacy.

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