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Sysmax Customer Success Manager (CSM) responsibilities include:

  • Sustaining business growth and profitability by maximizing value
  • Analyzing, amending and creating Sysmax or customer data to improve customer experience
  • Holding product demonstrations for customers
  • Building client and partner relationships for sustainable growth
  • Liaising with the development team to continuously improve Sysmax products

Sysmax is looking for a customer success manager who can provide ongoing support to our clients and network with them. The candidate will build client relationships, implement programs that will increase business’ revenue and minimise churn rates.

The Customer Success Manager’s responsibilities include supporting customers as they transition from sales prospects by building close relationships that will last beyond initial implementation into long term support and ensure continuous system improvement. Initially interpreting client needs, integrating their data / management systems in to Sysmax systems and guiding the clients through the use of our portals to do this for themselves.

Ultimately, the CSM will work directly with clients to help solve their problems and ensure their satisfaction while they are benefiting from our systems use. The CSM will also work closely with the Sysmax team to ensure customer questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.


  • Assist and sometimes lead sales meetings to obtain new clients
  • Achieve and maintain Sysmax high client retention goals
  • Initiate and support client management system integration and data creation to fit the system needs
  • Process milestones for the clients and employees to work toward
  • Assist customers with setting up and navigating programs or software
  • Promote the value of the products
  • Upsell services and products within the Sysmax portfolio of products
  • Protect and promote the Sysmax brand image
  • Promote value through customer experience
  • Assist in creating training courses and educational materials
  • Review customer complaints and concerns and seek to improve the customer experience

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Registered in London with offices in Aberdeen, Guildford and Houston USA. Personnel work remotely with infrequent meetings at the office.

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