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No one makes sense of data like Experian. We are on a mission to deliver the full power of data, analytics and technology in ways that transform lives. And our mission matters. Our work empowers individuals, families, businesses, communities, and governments to uncover patterns, make smarter decisions and navigate the world with confidence.

Individually we are explorers, with a passion for discovery and innovation. When we come together as a community, we inspire and support each other to make connections, uncover solutions and travel further.

We are pioneers, leaders in our field: we recognise no boundaries and accept no limits to our ambition. Together we help create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Together we are #UniquelyExperian.

Job Description

Life as a Software Engineer is all about creating products using cutting edge tech.

Our 2-year programme is guaranteed to expose you to a variety of different tech stacks and ways of working.

Some of our Graduate Software Engineers build for Mobile (iOS & Android) building native apps in languages such as Swift, Kotlin & Java.

Some of our Graduate Software Engineers focus more on building for the web using HTML, CSS and JavaScript through React.js.

Some go full-stack and utilize all of the above plus C# and .NET.

Others blend technology, business and programming whilst still being customer facing and working with clients.

The different variations are what make Experian the place launch your career!

Expect to dabble in cloud computing platforms such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.

We invest in the future of our business and technology to ensure our products and platforms are robust, maintainable and scalable. That’s why you can also expect to experiment in emerging technologies and techniques that help keep our products, processes and pipelines modern, effective and efficient.

If you choose to join us, you’ll receive industry training, wide-reaching career opportunities and a wealth of support through our Early Careers Network, buddy, line manager & mentor scheme.

We promise a safe inclusive culture that brings out the best of you. Experian is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we take affirmative action to create a more inclusive and equitable world of work. We are committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of age, disability, gender identity, marital status, race, ethnicity, faith or belief, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, Veteran status or whether you’re pregnant or on family leave.

Our concept is simple. We believe in expanding horizons – it’s what makes Experian a global leader and a Top UK Tech Employer.


A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or another technical STEM subject.

Don’t have a degree in those fields? That’s ok.

Maybe you’re a bedroom coder or simply a tech enthusiast. If you have a real passion for technology and can demonstrate an understanding of how and where it can be used, we’d love to hear from you!

We look for driven, reliable students eager to take on real responsibility.

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