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Global Water Intelligence is looking to hire inquisitive and resourceful Graduate Trainees to join our team. The objective is to develop the successful applicants into roles which best match their skills and ambitions. These roles include researchers, journalists, data analysts, events producers, and project managers. Relevant training will be provided, and there will be an opportunity to try different activities during the initial six- to twelve-month training period. Trainees will develop a full picture of our business, with the chance to carve their own niche within our teams.

Person requirements

We do not expect any relevant experience, but we expect a degree from a good university (Russell Group or equivalent) and we are looking for specific skills. We don’t expect them all in one person but if you think you might be good at two or three of them, we would like to hear from you:

  • Interviewing people: If we are going to produce original content and events, we have to be good at drawing ideas and information out of people. That requires confident and intelligent staff who can network their way to talking to the right people and asking the right questions.
  • Writing and analysis: Fewer people have time to read these days. It means that if you are going to write, you have to write well. That means being able to organise your thoughts and express them concisely and with lucidity. Don’t be deterred if English is not your first language. We can edit for English.
  • An eye for detail: Our business depends on our ability to speak authoritatively, and we can’t do that if our work is riddled with errors.
  • Managing projects: Most of what we do is a team effort, but getting great people to work well together is a skill in itself. We need people who are organised empathetic communicators to bring it all together.
  • Seeing the visual angle: People increasingly don’t consume information as text: they take it in visually. Feeding this kind of consumer is a challenge. It requires staff who can synthesise complex issues into simple graphics.
  • Collecting and managing data: We are the main source of data for the international water industry. With that responsibility comes a number of important skills: a nose for the information that will make a difference, and a doggedness in pursuit of it; a dexterity in squeezing spreadsheets until they tell a story; a deep commitment to accuracy; and, an instinctual feeling for the reality that data purports to represent.
  • Seeing the bigger picture: We want to grow our business, and that involves having people at the front line who can see the opportunity to do things better.
  • Commercial savvy: We are in business to have an impact on the world, but we can only deliver that impact if we are a successful company. As the interface between clients and their markets, we curate content that focuses on strategic intelligence. Our mission is to make the world of water work better, and our products and events help shape the direction of the water sector.

Additionally, it is important that you are a quick learner, have an inquisitive mind, are prepared to take ownership of what you do, and be resourceful and flexible in your approach to work.

Foreign language skills are always looked on favourably, with Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Turkish particularly welcome.

Additional Information

GWI employees are enrolled on a company pension plan and receive a holiday allowance of 25 days per year. When travel is once again allowed, there will be opportunities for you to be sent to relevant training courses and conferences to help you develop within your role. You will also be able to attend our Global Water Summit, which is held in different cities across the world each year.

Applicant instructions

Please submit a CV and a covering letter explaining in fewer than 200 words why you are applying for the job and what you think you can contribute to us that would make a real difference.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

We will discard the applications which do not come with covering letters. We will then draw up a shortlist of the strongest candidates for the position to whom we will send a skills test. On the basis of this test, we will narrow the field down to applicants for interview.

We encourage you to apply early, as we may close the vacancy if we receive sufficient applications.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to offer feedback on any applications not carried through to the interview stage.

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