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UK International Graduate Work Experience/Internship Programme

Salary notes: 
Tier 5 Visas do not allow payment, but some fixed placements include reimbursement towards expenses
Job/scheme locations: 
Predominantly South England + the North & Scotland, i.e. Edinburgh, Birmingham, Blackpool, Worcestershire, Marlow, Bideford
Type of opportunity: 
Closing date: 

We have some late spaces for September 2019.  If you’re interested, please contact us immediately

Are you an International Student wanting to extend your time in the UK after graduation? Want to gain work experience? Need a sponsor in order to stay and join a UK-based programme? Lattitude has the answer! 

We are an international youth development organisation that provides voluntary work experience/internship-style placements for young people. Our largest programme is in the UK and we have over 200 participants each year from a wide range of nationalities, all needing a sponsored visa in order to undertake post-student activities in the UK. 
Gaining work experience, through a Lattitude placement, in a UK context will appeal to employers and will make a vital difference when applying for graduate jobs.

What are the likely personal and professional developmental outcomes?

  • Attractive to young people wanting to gain international work experience
  • Opportunity to develop competency working in an English-speaking working environment
  • Ideal way to develop key employment ‘soft’ skills
  • Unique development of key personal skills, such as, confidence, independence and taking responsibility
  • Opportunity to gain valuable experience in specific vocational areas
  • Gain understanding of what it means to be a Global Citizen.

Key programme features:

Lattitude sponsored UK Tier 5 visa (visas are always subject to UKVI approval) for up to 12 months

Variety of roles in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Youth work
  • Health and Social care
  • Sports and outdoor activities
  • Wider charity/not for profit sector

Lattitude sourced placements 

Two placement type options:

  • Fixed 8 – 12 months (set role, with accommodation, food and weekly allowance)
  • Flexible 3 – 12 months (flexible roles, no accommodation, food or weekly allowance)

Roles tailored to graduates 

Entry Requirements:

  • No specific qualifications required
  • Level of English is required for certain roles
  • Relevant experience for the role is helpful but not essential

What next?

  • Click on the link to our website landing page for more information about specific placements
  • Email us with enquiries and to set up a chat with us about your requirements
  • Click the ‘Apply Now!’ button on our website to make a formal application 


  • There is a cost to you for the service we offer. 
  • Application Fee: £30
  • Placement Fee: £1,000 - £2,900

With UK international undergraduate fees averaging £12,000 per year and living costs estimated at a further £10,000 per year, we believe the Lattitude International Graduate programme is very competitive when compared with the costs of being an international student in the UK per year, especially as many Lattitude placements will provide food and accommodation and will reimburse expenses too!

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!

More about this vacancy

Number of vacancies: 
51 to 80
Days' holiday: 
varies per placement
Extra benefits: 
Lattitude sponsor Tier 5 Visa. Opportunities meet our charitable mission

Degree subjects accepted:

All degree subjects accepted
Degree requirements: 
Skills required: 
Relevant experience for the role is helpful but not essential
Accepts applications from students / graduates requiring a work permit?: