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Manager - Children's Education Centre

Become a manager of one of Explore Learning's children's education centres; join an ambitious, purpose- led organisation, where your focus is to unlock lightbulb moments in others, everyday.

What will you experience as a manager of one of our education centres?

• The magic combination of leadership in business, and working face to face with children and young people. You’ll spend half of your day working with your team to strategise for commercial success, then switch your focus to delivering an inspiring service to our families as they attend their sessions. Every day is full of variety in your centre.

• Your growth and development is a priority from day 1. Tailored learning and development opportunities mean you’ll identify skills you never knew you had, as well as develop lots of new ones; your confidence in leading and coaching others will soar, and you’ll learn loads from watching your peers in action.

• Catching the “centre buzz”. Whether that’s through coaching your team to bring out the best in your members, or by creating a vibrant, fun and engaging environment - you’ll love coming to work each day in the knowledge that you will influence those around you to make longstanding and meaningful change

Our mission - Why do we do what we do?

Quite simply, we care. We care about children feeling confident with their learning, and parents feeling empowered by the curriculum. We care about supporting individuals from lots of different backgrounds to access engaging, inspiring content and meet true role models who act as mentors, as well as tutors. And we care about our people; that they are inspired every day to do what they do, and to bring our mission to life.

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