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Would You Like to Solve Interesting Strategic Problems for Leading Companies?

Job Responsibilities:

At Mars & Co, the Consultant is a demanding yet very rewarding position for those with consulting and/or industry experience. Our Consultants are responsible for the rigorous, timely and imaginative design and execution of analyses leading to practical solutions of complex business problems. Qualified candidates possess superior analytical abilities, understand major business strategy concepts, are creative problem solvers, can learn new industries quickly and work well as integrated members of project teams.  They are hardworking, entrepreneurial and self-motivated individuals.  Consultants work on teams under the guidance of more senior members of Mars & Co staff.  Successful Consultants will take on supervisory responsibilities for Associate and Senior Associate Consultants as appropriate. Once Consultants have demonstrated mastery of the Mars & Co “toolkit” they are considered promotable to the next position in the firm, Senior Consultant, and are on track to management positions.

Consultants are integral members of project teams which range in size depending on the nature of the business issues being addressed.  Typical project responsibilities for Consultants include:

  • Conducting research to obtain data and other useful information from a variety of sources.

  • Designing and performing analyses of data and information to yield meaningful insights.  Core analytical areas include:

    • Market segmentation, quantification and growth forecasting

    • Financial performance and revenue management

    • Cost, operational, supply chain optimisation

    • Go-to-market and demand building effectiveness

    • Competitive assessments and benchmarking

  • Visualising, interpreting and synthesizing analyses to yield valuable conclusions.

  • Applying strategic thinking to create useful options for addressing client issues.

  • Designing and preparing presentation materials for use with clients and staff.

  • Communicating methodologies, findings and recommendations to clients and staff.

  • Rapidly learning new business concepts and analytical techniques to apply to client issues.

  • Managing your project module which may include analysts you could be supervising.


Most successful candidates have undergraduate degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Economics or one of the physical sciences from a top tier university and prior work experience in a field requiring the use of quantitative analytical skills.

Mars & Co is looking for high achievers as demonstrated by superior academic performance. You are expected to be well skilled in the use of major analytical techniques and to already possess strong spreadsheet and database manipulation skills. A solid working knowledge of finance, managerial accounting, marketing, operations and current business practices is expected.  Furthermore, you are expected to possess excellent communications skills (both written and verbal) plus be able to excel in team-based environments. Mastery of a foreign language is not a requirement but is advantageous.

Candidates should be well-balanced individuals with the following personal traits:

  • A high level of enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial drive to be successful in all undertakings.

  • Leadership skills with the ability to inspire confidence in others.

  •  “Uncommon common sense” when it comes to solving problems and developing strategies.

  • The intellect to be a “quick study” in new situations.

  • The ability to apply cross-industry knowledge and experiences to new situations.

  • Creativity with the ability to think “outside the box” and create superior solutions to client problems.

  • A laser-like focus on solving problems and getting to the core of business issues quickly and efficiently.

Career Development:

At Mars & Co, consultants are trained and developed primarily via on-the-job experience as members of project teams, supplemented by periodic seminars. The senior members of each team teach new consultants our analytical techniques required for making successful contributions to projects.  Mars & Co’s global footprint also provides consultants opportunities to work with colleagues from our other offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, as well as the opportunity to travel to both domestic and international client sites thus learning about how businesses operate globally.

Mars & Co has a strict “promotion from within” philosophy. Consultants are considered for promotion to Senior Consultant once they have demonstrated their ability to add meaningful value to project teams and have mastered all the responsibilities of their position.  Typically, high performing Consultants have achieved these milestones within 18 to 24 months of joining the firm; however, there is no set pattern for promotion.

Compensation & Benefits:

Compensation at Mars & Co is based on personal performance and is very competitive with other top tier Strategy Consultants. Mars & Co provides a complete suite of benefits to its staff including medical, life and disability insurance, paid vacation, pension plan and gym membership.

Recruiting Process:

To be considered for the Consultant position at Mars & Co, please submit your CV and cover letter by e-mail. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received.

Depending on each candidate’s level of success, Mars & Co conducts up to two rounds of interviews. The interviews will include case study questions as well as general questions about your background and fit with the firm.

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