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Mumbai, India
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About Pave

Founded in 2013, Pave is an award-winning UK based talent consultancy specialising in learning and professional developmental opportunities for young professionals seeking Internships and Experiences in India.

It is our core belief that experiencing life and work in India with Pave will provide the talent of the future a unique first-hand exposure to one of the world’s fastest growing economies as well as the ability to develop a highly global skill set and mindset that puts them in strong stead for future employability.

Pave’s opportunities are specifically curated to expand perspectives on life and work, provide professional challenges that require the development and application of new skills and in turn, strengthen the professional and personal brand of participants.

About the Pave Professional Immersion Experience

Pave’s 10-day Professional Immersion Experience in one of the largest cities in the world and the City of Dreams, Mumbai, is designed with industry professionals to give you an in-depth insight into India’s unique and dynamic business environment and how this impacts the organisations operating in one of the fastest growing economies today.

You will be challenged through organisation led workshops and will meet a number of individuals ranging from business owners to village dwellers to give you first-hand experience of India’s economy, business, culture, political system, legal system and people.

In enabling a holistic and in-depth insight into the Indian economy, the activities on the Professional Immersion Experience are all underpinned by the following themes:

  • International Business Strategy - Understand how strategy for multinational as well as local businesses needs to adapt to India’s unique economic characteristics in order to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. 
  • People & Culture - Gain exposure to India’s rich and complex culture, tradition and value and how they impact all facets of life and the economy. Interact with a range of diverse people that all play their part in India’s growth and identity and truly understand the concept of the ‘Relationship Economy’. 
  • Skills For The Future - Uncover the skills and competencies that the global economy and professionals require in the future. Understand what part India is playing in developing such skills for its future generations and how you can do the same. 
  • Social Consciousness & Global Citizenship - Understand the biggest economic, social and environmental challenges facing India, the opportunities and barriers these create at a national and global scale and how you can become a global citizen and a positive force for change.

The Experience will run in Mumbai from 3rd November – 13th November 2018.

An indicative day by day schedule can be found on our website.

Why do the programme?

By investing in your own personal and professional development in a distinct new cultural setting, you are unlocking your potential to stand out from the rest.

You can specifically look forward to the following:

  • Immersing yourself in The City of Dreams, exploring India’s distinct culture, people and industries that co-exist harmoniously, underpinned by a complex and rich history.
  • Increasing your employability and developing your competitive edge in the job market
  • Developing an international professional network that opens doors all over the globe.
  • Meeting inspirational individuals from various walks of life; entrepreneurs, villagers & social activists to hearing their uplifting stories and practically engaging in aspects of their life and work.
  • Kick-starting your career and stepping outside your comfort zone to dramatically improve your adaptability.
  • Working with Indian organisations to develop on and solve real commercial challenges.
  • Re-evaluating your own values and cultural norms.
  • Engaging in fun, social activities and events.
  • Creating priceless memories and long-lasting friendships.

What we look for

For the Professional Immersion Experience, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate the following:

  • A global outlook
  • Self-motivation and proactivity
  • Effective communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • An adaptable and flexible approach
  • An interest in international business and culture

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