Graduate scheme


12 month pupillage

We usually offer up to two funded 12 month pupillages a year.

Our pupils receive minimum remuneration of £70,000. This consists of a guaranteed award of £70,000, plus your earnings from your own practice in the second six.

We are very happy for pupils to draw upon their pupillage award during the BPTC year as we appreciate that the cost of a legal education is significant. As such, up to £20,000 of the award may be drawn down at any time after the offer of pupillage is accepted.

Applications are managed through the Bar Council’s Pupillage Gateway. See the Pupillage Gateway website for the timetable for applications for pupillage commencing Autumn 2023.

Mini Pupillage

Our mini-pupillages can last up to three days. However, we appreciate that for some three days might be too long, perhaps due to academic or work commitments. As such, we are happy to offer shorter mini-pupillages where appropriate (one or two days).

The current application deadlines are:

September – December 2021: MIDDAY 23 July 2021

January – April 2022: MIDDAY 26 November 2021

May - July 2022: MIDDAY 25 March 2022

See the HOW TO APPLY section on our pupillage website.

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Cherry picked opportunties

Cherry picked opportunties

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