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Graduate Software & Data Engineering Programme

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Training will be available online and face to face in London.
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Graduate scheme
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The day of the Banker & the Consultant is over - technology won!

Starting your career as a high performance software/data engineer or analyst opens up every industry: allowing you to shape your own future and fast track your career. It is the banking and consulting of 20 years ago.

We are a team of people motivated by excellence and education. We’ve worked at some of the world’s leading organisations from investment banks to management consultancies.

No one can guarantee that you will be a future technology leader, but we can guarantee that we’ll give you the tools to be so, if you’re willing to learn.

We have two fundamental beliefs:

  1. exceptional talent is missed every day: opportunity is not equally distributed, so we place enormous emphasis on investing in our graduates so you control your own future at the end of 2 years; and
  2. we believe exceptional training changes outcomes: at our core is using the most effective learning techniques to help you to become proficient and then to excel.

What we Offer:

  • The Training: a 12 week programme covering software & data engineering: HTML/CSS, ES6 & React, JS, SQL, introductory data science (Python, pandas, regression analysis) and best practise industry fundamentals (Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Test Driven Development (TDD), agile methodologies). More importantly, you’ll be able to teach yourself any language and use these tools to do amazing things. The training is free but unpaid. Our aim is then to employ 100% of our graduates on £30,000 salaries and contract them out to large corporations who need outstanding developers, so:
  • The Role: if we find you employment you would work for a client for 2 years helping them solve real world problems. This critical hands on experience will be supported by ongoing technical & professional development & mentoring;
  • The Goal: at the end of the 2 years, you'll join our network: >100 senior managers at the world's leading organisations, all committed to help Sigma Labs alumni. You’ll be able to earn £40k-£50k at this point.

What we're looking for:

  • A desire to solve problems with code: the single most important criteria is a desire to start your career as a problem solver. This is surprisingly easy to demonstrate – just try a little coding, solve a problem and tell us why you enjoy it – please visit our website for some simple resources to start to learn;
  • Communication: the second most important criteria is that you’re able to communicate professionally (clear, concise and compelling).
  • Other attributes: after this you’re probably curious, enjoy learning, interested in business; persistent when you decide something and you enjoy going the extra mile to help others do a good job.

Eligibility Criteria: you must have…

  • Economic: at least one of the following: grown up in a household with income <£43k, attended a non-academically selective state school, been eligible for free school meals or local authority care;
  • Education: will be graduating or graduated from University in the last 3 years with either:
    • 2:2 or higher. The subject isn’t as important as being a good fit for what we’re looking for; or
    • if you didn’t get a 2:2 or better (but still graduated), then you received at least an A or B in one STEM subject. We need to know that you’re comfortable with numbers and enjoy solving problems, e.g. maybe you got an A in Maths but got C’s in your other subjects, etc.;
  • Right to work in the UK: UK Passport, EU/EEA Settled Status, Indefinite Leave to Remain (unfortunately we cannot sponsor Visas).

The Application Process:

Please visit the Careers page of our website, we provide tips and advice about how to do well on the application. You can also easily book a quick call if you’d like to find out more.

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!

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