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Megaslice is a boutique technology consultancy, focused on projects that turn non-technology businesses into technology businesses, which involves large elements of ambition, risk and creativity. We are not about straightforward websites or apps. There are enough people out there doing that. Our work spans many areas of technology, across hardware and software, from low-level programming to lofty technological strategy at an executive level. And whatever we are doing, we are intensely focused on using technology to make our customers’ situations better, and boost their businesses. We are a small business, but we run on a model similar to that of lawyers: the partners are always ultimately responsible for the work, and must understand every detail of what’s going on. But just as lawyers need paralegals, we need talented associates to support us in our work.

About the Job

We are looking for multitalented technology people, at any level of experience, who are interested in a lot of things, and find that no specific job description suits them. We are looking for those amongst us who don’t know where they fit in, but feel they fit in everywhere, and that one job would limit them.

Skills and Experience

We are more interested in your character, your attitude and your route here than in your formal work experience. But with that said:

  • First and foremost, you must love technology. An “extracurricular” interest is strongly preferred.
  • You must know how to program a computer proficiently. This is non-negotiable.
  • Any experience with hardware, networking or electronics is a huge bonus.
  • Having a range of “maker” style interests is extremely valuable.
  • Be prepared to learn aggressively, outside your comfort zone, across many different topics.
  • Know how to do research and literature reviews, so you do not reinvent the wheel.
  • Believe that no task is beneath you when in the service of a bigger goal.
  • Be comfortable with risk and the unknown, and be patient with adversity and irrationality.
  • Communicate technology respectfully to those not technologically minded.
  • Balance diligence and quality with getting things done on time.
  • Write and communicate clearly, accurately, and concisely.
  • Understand we are a small business, and your work has a significant impact on oursurvival.


  • No artificial restrictions on the time and place of your work. We can do remote and we can do in-person. It all depends on the actual work to be done, not an arbitrary attendance policy.
  • All your reasonable work-related travel and expenses will be reimbursed, and as we build trust with you, you will be assigned a card to make payments, as well as a discretionary budget.
  • No restrictions on the tools you want to use, as long as you can interoperate with the rest of us, and accept a little bit of our standard comms infrastructure.
  • Getting the right equipment to do the job is rarely a problem, and there is no laborious approval process. Ask and get an answer fast.


  • We are a small business, so there are no major material perks (e.g. health insurance, gym membership, etc.) not yet, anyway.
  • We are in a very early stage of growth, so we pay a small salary, preferring to pay bonuses as-and-when we all do well together. Whenever we’ve had a slow month, the partners sacrifice their pay to prioritise associates.
  • The business is doing well, but we have a lot more work on than we quite have the capacity for, so it will be pretty hard (but interesting!) work while we continue to hire.
  • We work very hard to ensure we meet our customer’s expectations, which might sometimes mean a blurring of the boundary between work life and normal life. We do try to avoid this for everyone’s sanity! You may be asked to do almost anything, including travel, some physical labour (not much), joining sales meetings, etc., not just desk/workshop stuff.
  • While we will never ask or force anyone to work more than 40 hours a week, the timing of those hours can be a little weird and antisocial, due to the ambitious and complex nature of our projects.

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