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Today, technologies evolve at rapid pace. Our focus is on reframing how you learn so that you can continue to develop in tandem with these changes. You’ll cover technologies like Python, TypeScript and SQL but our emphasis will be on empowering you with ideas and skills that transfer beyond a single tech stack.

About Academy

We offer full-spectrum holistic development - our programme combines training in fullstack software development with leadership and performance coaching

  • You'll receive a £3,700 grant whilst you train ahead of a competitive graduate salary (c.30-35k) from your employer
  • Experience your own personal support team comprised of teachers, coaches and mentors with deep expertise across technology, leadership and performance
  • A network for life - belong to an emerging generation of high-performing technology leaders

The Programme

Phase One - Rapid foundational training in technology (Average of 10 hrs / week based on 8 weeks)
Phase Two - Fifteen weeks of upfront, full-time training; a transformative experience, with no tuition fees and a grant to support you whilst you study
Phase Three: The Track - 21 months of ongoing development alongside a full-time engineering role within a world-leading technology company

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