As Personal Assistant to the Director, you’ll work closely at his side providing a wide range of executive support and ensuring his decisions are actioned, followed up and delivered. You'll move between the company's head office in Newcastle, the Director's residence and locations in America, Africa and Europe - travelling frequently to ensure you're always on the front line of the business.

You’ll be the Director’s primary representative both inside and outside the business, making you a key part of the Leadership Team. You'll consistently radiate a highly positive, helpful and professional image, especially under pressure and sometimes after a long flight!

You'll manage your own projects (such as sourcing and managing production of company branded merchandise) as well as those led by the Director himself (such as the building of a brand new super-eco lodge to accommodate students on our Tanzania program).

You'll efficiently produce professional documents, from operations manuals for different areas of the business to official letters and proposals, based on verbal briefings and discussions with the Director.

This is a hugely varied role. In the same day you may be minuting a meeting with foreign government officials, responding to customer messages on social media and recruiting a videographer! You're the one person in the business that the Director can depend on to step in a cover when something - anything - needs doing.

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Based in Newcastle upon Tyne with extensive worldwide travel (expenses paid)



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