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Hummus, trainers and VKs: my student life at the University of Nottingham

It’s remarkable how so many of us set off to spend the next three or four years of our life in a city and know absolutely nothing about it. Before arriving for... (view)

Posted 12 July 2017.

How to budget at and after university (and avoid buttered pasta forever)

The tangible sigh of relief from my starved bank account as soon as my student finance was deposited was a regular occurrence at university. During my three... (view)

Posted 4 July 2017.

Seven tips for examination jubilation (or, how to revise)

Not knowing the best way to revise is a perennial problem for any student. It’s easy to panic when you feel overloaded; this can be dangerous when panic turns... (view)

Posted 27 June 2017.

Exeter: 12 things I learned from studying at a smaller city university

Having recently graduated from the University of Exeter, I am well aware of the pros and cons of studying at one of the smaller city universities. Here are the... (view)

Posted 22 June 2017.

Ten pros and cons I didn't know about London before university

Being at UCL for three years has opened my eyes to all the quirks of the London lifestyle. Love it or hate it, you certainly cannot deny that the city is... (view)

Posted 15 June 2017.

General election 2017: will student voters turn out?

It’s one of many things the pollsters can’t predict: will young people turn out in force on Thursday to vote in the general election? If our editorial interns... (view)

Posted 6 June 2017.

Who are the Undergraduates of the Year 2017?

They’ve set up companies and student societies, raised thousands of pounds for charity, acted as brand ambassadors and organised conferences and events. Now... (view)

Posted 27 April 2017.

New look for TARGETjobs due to land tomorrow!

Beginning to think about getting ready for the new academic year? Here’s something for your to-do list – check out the shiny new-look TARGETjobs, coming to a... (view)

Posted 18 August 2016.

Students' views on life after Brexit: jobs, research and more

More than three-quarters of students surveyed by TARGETjobs after the EU referendum believe it will be harder for them to find work after graduating as a... (view)

Posted 11 July 2016.

What's the outlook for graduate job hunters after the EU referendum?

In the wake of the shock EU referendum result, initial reaction from employer organisations suggests competition for graduate jobs is likely to intensify. It’s... (view)

Posted 27 June 2016.