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Identifying as LGBTQ+ at university and in the workplace

Adapting to university life is a challenge, but it can feel insurmountable when you have to worry about whether others will be welcoming or understanding of... (view)

Posted 23 June 2021.

What career lessons can you learn from RuPaul’s Drag Race?

The drama and pageantry of RuPaul’s Drag Race might seem a million miles from the world of CVs and assessment centres, and that’s because it is. However, that’... (view)

Posted 25 June 2020.

Working from home tips, from the TARGETjobs editors

At TARGETjobs most of us have been working from home – a new experience for some of us – since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March. We’ve noted pros... (view)

Posted 22 June 2020.

Can I get a graduate job in 2020/2021? Looking beyond the headlines

The coronavirus pandemic has already had a significant effect on the economy and the job market, one that will likely continue into the foreseeable future. You... (view)

Posted 15 June 2020.

What The Apprentice can teach us about getting a graduate job

The BBC show not only entertains, but also offers some useful careers advice… about what not to do. Watching The Apprentice is like observing a 12-week panel... (view)

Posted 10 December 2019.

Nine things to do at uni that aren't your degree

Doing your degree work may be the core of your time at university, but what about the rest of your time? Whether it's picking up CV points, learning important... (view)

Posted 24 October 2019.

Five things I wish I could tell my first-year self

Now that I've finished two degrees and four years of university, it's easier to see with hindsight the misconceptions I had about life at university and judge... (view)

Posted 14 October 2019.

My experience of mental health at university and in the workplace

We spoke to graduate Constantinos Kyriacou about his struggles with mental health at university and work. Constantinos was diagnosed with depression and... (view)

Posted 3 October 2019.

Career dos and don'ts: Friends edition

So no one told you life was gonna be this way? Your job’s a joke, you’re broke and your love life’s D.O.A. But Friends is there for you – not just to make you... (view)

Posted 1 October 2019.

Loving the spaceship and hating Marmite: what I discovered at the University of York

During my time at the University of York, I felt like part of both the campus and the city community, but the aggressive geese showed me that students don’t... (view)

Posted 25 September 2019.