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Calling would-be teachers and engineers! TARGETpostgrad Online Fairs coming up

Are you a finalist considering teacher training or a career in engineering? Is your time at a premium, and if so, would you prefer to avoid the potential inconvenience and queues of a real-world careers or postgraduate study fair? Do you like the idea of finding out more about training for your chosen career from the comfort of your laptop?

If so, you should check out our new, free-to-attend virtual postgraduate study fairs for engineering and teaching ASAP.

Here’s where you can register your interest in the TARGETpostgrad Online Fairs and also see a full list of the unis that have signed up to attend.

These fairs give you the chance to talk directly to universities about the postgraduate training they offer and take your next step towards starting your chosen career after finishing your undergraduate degree. You can also find out more about funding.

Don’t miss your chance – the fairs could save you a lot of tedious legwork later on in the year.

The TARGETpostgrad Online Teaching Fair takes place on 13 November, from 11.00 to 14.00.

The TARGETpostgrad Online Engineering Fair takes place on 15 November, from 11.00 to 14.00.

Questions you might have about teacher training

If you’re considering teacher training and you’re in your final year, this is the time to get going on finding out about the courses that interest you and applying.

Are you aware of the funding you might be able to apply for to help with the costs of training? You might be surprised by how generous it can be. If you apply to train to teach maths, for example, you could receive as much as £32,000 – a £22,000 subject scholarship plus £10,000 in early career payments, all tax-free and non-repayable.

You need to decide whether you want to teach in primary or secondary schools, and find out whether your degree subject is considered acceptable by your preferred course provider. Sometimes course providers may suggest that you take a subject knowledge extension course. You’ll be able to find out more about all your training options at the fair.

Questions you might have about engineering

Are you considering postgraduate study in engineering? If you have a BEng degree, a masters course could be a shrewd investment in your career. Big engineering employers often ask for their graduate recruits to have either an MEng degree or a BEng plus a masters qualification, as a basis for working towards chartership. If you have a BEng degree and wish to become a chartered engineer but don’t take a masters degree, you will need to achieve incorporated engineer status before you can start to progress towards chartership.

On average, chartered engineers enjoy significantly higher pay than incorporated engineers, and earn even more as they gain seniority and experience. It typically takes a graduate with an MEng or a BEng plus a masters qualification four to six years to work towards chartership. The Engineering Council registers professional engineers and oversees the standards for incorporated and chartered engineer status.

You can find out more about chartered status and engineering postgraduate study options, including masters courses, PhDs and EngDs, at the TARGETpostgrad Online Engineering Fair.

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